Create Nightclub

Welcome to our Sober & Empty series. Explore your favorite venue, or maybe a new one, like you’ve never seen them before: sober and, well, empty.

In our Sober & Empty series, we’ve seen a lot of venues, and they’ve ranged in size, style, and bookings. From ex-haunted music halls like The Chapel in San Francisco to historic venues like Great American Music Hall, but we’ve yet to go so in depth in a venue so large you could park a plane in it.

Enter: Create Nightclub in Los Angeles.

Create is a 1,500-capacity venue with state-of-the-art lighting and a Funktion One Sound System. Not only will the overall open-air warehouse style main room overwhelm you, it will also draw you in. The main dance floor is surrounded on all sides with booth-style tables with a bar in the back for all your fancy cocktail dreams.

Create Nightclub main room empty and full GIF

Behind the DJ booth is the exit for the… you guessed it: patio. Yes, it’s Los Angeles. Of course it has a patio.

Create Nightclub patio

It would be incorrect, however, to think of Create as simply a larger venue with a warehouse vibe. There is a much more intimate secondary venue up stairs sprinkled with Gothic decor, which seems oddly fitting, as the venue is right next door to the Museum of Death.

Create Nightclub upstairs

The more intimate venue upstairs is just past the VIP section for the main stage area, and is rarely, if ever, used simultaneously with its larger counterpart.

A peak inside the artist’s greenroom can also show you where the artists get a chance to prepare before their club-rocking performances. Their greenroom is between the outdoor patio and the main stage, and while small and intimate, has a private bathroom and bar.

Create Nightclub greenroom

Create’s experience is brought to you by dance music and festival giant Insomniac Events, partnering with nightlife expert SBE. If you’ve seen enough of it empty, now’s the time to see it packed to the brim. Create Nightclub empty and full GIF

Create Nightclub is located at 6021 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028. You can watch the full run through below:

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