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OctFest is almost upon us. The music and beer festival put on by magazines October and Pitchfork is now in its second year, and after the success of last year’s, it’s going to be much, much bigger. The event is going from one day to a whole weekend, and with more time that means more music (and more beer, 90+ breweries).

So with that in mind, let’s take some time to examine the larger lineup it brings.



This 25-year-old dream-pop artist is probably familiar to Australian audiences, her debut single in 2017 “Try” was massively popular there. But for Hatchie, that’s just the beginning. She released her first EP this year and is introducing herself to American audiences, who are just falling in love with her spacey yet accessible pop sound.


The core might be a familiar punk rock sound, but this D.C. band is aiming to push their genre forward. The buzzy tones of electronic are in heavy rotation throughout their songs, and their lyrics depict the modern struggle of young people just trying to make it. And it’s authentic because although they’ve been around for a few years and just released their full-length debut album, they’re also still working other jobs to make ends meet. But maybe not for much longer.

Madison McFerrin

The first thing that strikes you about Madison McFerrin is her remarkable voice. And the Brooklyn-born R&B artist knows it too because her songs do not have a lot of frills. In fact, they’re all a cappella. But don’t let the lack of instruments make you think her music is the same as some dull college-y group doing covers, she’s got a highly-refined sound that you will fall in love with. Some of that polish probably has to do with the famous music family she comes from.


Julie Byrne

The melancholy of Julie Byrne’s voice as it drips and hangs off every syllable, savoring each note, is probably the first thing you notice about her music. Accompanied by the plucking strains of an acoustic guitar, it forms the perfect embodiment of a modern folk artist, finding the ghosts of a genre that draws from a history longer than most.

The Courtneys

Like many rock bands, The Courtneys initially hit you right in the face with glittering guitar licks and a rolling beat. But as you listen, instead of staying in your face, the Vancouver band likes to interplay what can only be described as rolling waves of sound, knowing when to pull back and when to crash back into your face. Much of this expert push-and-pull comes from the vocals, which really shine among this trio of friends.

No matter what your tastes though, there’s something at OctFest for you. Check out the full lineup on their website.

OctFest 2018

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September 8-9th, 2018 | 2 PM

Governors Island
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