Small Font Big Future gives you a low-down on smaller artists you should definitely take the time to see when you’re stage hopping at the next festival.

Middlelands is a Middle Ages themed music festival. We’re not really sure who came up with the theme, but it’s a pretty distinct identity, and the lineup matches up.

For when you’re not watching the big headliners, eating turkey legs, or riding wooden rollercoasters (???), we’ve picked out the must-see smaller artists with a huge future.



Polish-born Sikdope is a versatile producer of everything from bass to house to trap—at the core though, it’s all to get you dancing.





Ekali is a bass heavy trap star with a sensual undertone. Looking for an emotional journey with a beat you can dance to? You found it.


Falcons is an LA-based DJ and producer blurring the lines between rap and EDM, underground and mainstream.


You probably recognized the name from our interview earlier this year. Pham combines electronic, hip-hop, down-tempo, and future bass to create an almost supernatural experience when listening.


We interviewed Pusher earlier this year too. Pusher is the man to see. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Drop everything you’re doing and hear his one of a kind sound. It’s light, bubbly, and playful with a beat to match.


Quix is a burgeoning trap producer known for his remix mashup with Skrillex and Promises. His recent stuff has smooth vocals, but the majority of his music is trap with an island vibe.


High energy. Distinct sound. Classic hooks over contagious beats. For those who are looking to really break a sweat on the dance floor.

Taiki Nulight

Taiki Nulight is his own creation, influenced by UK garage, house, and EDM. “Agent Moody” was dropped this month and will have you falling in love with him in no time.





Elohim is a fresh, bold, powerful artist from Los Angeles who has performed with huge names. She’s a synth-pop star and is revolutionizing the way we approach female artists. In my opinion, she’s one you can’t afford to miss at Middlelands this year.


Moksi is Yellowclaw’s new aggressive and grimy artist. They’re described as “classic UK garage with undeniable dubstep and bassline influences.”

Space Jesus

Imagine what a DJ named “Space Jesus” sounds like. Did you think it’d be a slow, heavy beat, a little diverse, a little futuristic, and a lot of slow, good vibes? You hit the nail on the head.

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