Is there anything better than day drinking in the summer sun to good music? I personally don’t think so.

Well, Los Angeles, you’re in luck. Matt Orlove and Tom Astley Williams of Orlove Entertainment and L’Affaire Musicale have one upped the traditional pool party, and brought you to a Wicked Paradise.

Their summer schedule is stacked with pool parties and boat cruises, kicking off this Saturday with J. Phlip. We got a chance to talk to them both on their vision for the summer.

Give us the lowdown on your summer events. Explain to us how Wicked Paradise is different and what to expect?

Wicked Paradise is basically our vision for a truly memorable day time party experience. We bring in top level talent and add top notch production elements in intimate, outdoor settings. From the sound, to the decor, we put thought and care into creating a unique utopia. Our mantra is “Wicked Vibes, Wicked Beats, Wicked Paradise.”

We open the season this Memorial Day Saturday, May 27th, with a bang at Skybar at the Mondrian featuring Dirtybird’s J. Phlip, who’s making her Wicked Paradise debut.

Following that on June 3rd, we have our first Wicked Delight Boat Party of the season, in collaboration with Afternoon Delight, featuring Goldroom.

On June 7th we’re extremely excited to launch our new weekly night swim, ‘Wicked Paradise: After Dark’ every Wednesday throughout the entire Summer at Skybar.

We’ll be providing the perfect summer soundtrack all Summer long….Keep em peeled, more info announcements coming soon.

How’d you come up with the idea to move your pool parties to the ocean?

Who doesn’t like to party on a boat? To be on the open ocean listening to some of your favorite acts under the Cali Sun as it’s setting, alongside friends is a truly unique experience. We’d do it every week if we could, maybe we should buy our own boat!

How big is the boat?

This particular boat can hold up to 500 guests. We program two separate stages; an outdoor one on the deck, and one inside in the main cabin.

Can you give us a sneak peak on who to expect? You’re coming up on your third year, any big names for the anniversary?

For our anniversary, we are bringing back Holy Ghost! In addition to being an amazing live band, they happen to also be bad ass DJ’s. They played an all-vinyl, electro-funk set for us last year that to this day is one of our all time favorites.

We also have fast rising, Capyac, and our day one crew; Frazier I Smith, Maikol, Mr. Puzl, & PZB, on the lineup. It’s going to be a banger, plus it’s 4th of July Weekend, where LA is in full party mode.

From there, the season is in full swing…Will Clarke (7/4), Goldfish (7/15), Darius (7/22), and more to be announced in the near future.

We’re also working on a new Pool Party concept series at The Dream Hotel which we cannot wait to announce.

How do you pick who you book? Is there a specific genre you’re shooting for this year?

We book who we love, but always keep our fanbase in mind and program accordingly. Wicked Paradise is a vibe, the music is just an extension of it.

You’ve said you’re expanding Wicked Paradise along the West Coast to San Francisco. Any hopes you’ll open something up further north in Seattle or on the East Coast as well?

We are excited to launch in San Francisco in September with our good friends from the Bay Area, Select Entertainment.

We also have big expansion plans for next year, including parties in NY, Chicago, & Miami. Seattle is a personal favorite city of ours, so definitely not out of the question.

Anything else you’d like to let everyone know?

You can view all our upcoming events here. Stay Wicked and see you in Paradise!!!

Jukely members can claim their spots to this weekend’s Wicked Paradise Season Opener here. Others can purchase their tickets here.

June 3rd | Wicked Delight at Sea Presents Goldroom | tickets

June 7th | Wicked Paradise: After Dark | tickets

July 1st | Wicked Paradise 3 Year Anniversary Presents Holy Ghost! | tickets

July 4th | Wicked Delight Presents Will Clarke | tickets

July 15 | Wicked Paradise Presents Goldfish Live| tickets

Wicked Delight at Sea Presents Darius | tickets




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