I know. Many of our New Music Friday readers didn’t get my magical words last week. For that, I’m sorry. But… now that we’re back, how do you like the new look of the site? Gorgeous, right?

Sorry about skipping a week, but this one will make up for it! I promise!

Makeness – Loud Patterns

Get your dancing shoes ready for a disco-fueled 47 minutes of a super fun acid house beat, with some heavy industrial, and synth pulses that’ll hit every inch of your body. The vocals throughout it are also a unique addition that I didn’t expect but really enjoyed.
Favorite tracks: “Loud Patterns” & “14 Drops”

Daniel Avery – Song for Alpha

Hypnosis is real, and that scares me because this whole album will put you in a trance. There’s not a point on the record that pulls you out of it either, it’s a just-over-an-hourlong trip down the rabbit hole that you’re glad you took.
Favorite tracks: “Clear” & “Sensation”

Hop Along – Bark Your Head Off, Dog

These Philadelphia indie rockers will climb into your heart and make a home there. Frances Quinlan can do no wrong. She has such a fun voice with a sound somewhere between pop, folk, and ’90s rock. There’s not a bad song in the bunch.
Favorite tracks: “Prior Things” & “How Simple”

Thirty Seconds to Mars – America

Can you believe A Beautiful Lie came out 13 years ago? Me neither. That being said, if you’re looking for old school TSTM, it’s not here. Over the years they’ve gone much harder into the poppy dance world with sweeter vocals, minus the screams, and even more electro vibing. This album also has two guests, A$AP Rocky and Halsey.
Favorite tracks: “Walk On Water” & “Hail To The Victor”

Hinds – I Don’t Run

It’s a love album without being a love album. It’s punk without being overtly punk. It’s classic without being old. If you’re looking for a rambunctious good time, this is your album of the week. The best part of the album, other than great indie rock musicianship, is the multiple singers with harmonies for days. All the vocals give it incredible diversity.
Favorite tracks: “Soberland” & “New For You”

Alison Wonderland – Awake

When the intro track hit, I was not excited about the rest. It was a little too slow for me, but as soon as it finishes, the album just keeps getting better. With a few guests throughout including BLESSUS, Chief Keef, Buddy, and SLUMBERJACK, it’s a synth-pop wonderland anyone would be happy to visit.
Favorite tracks: “Church” & “Cry”

Peelander-Z – Go Pz Go

This is the most ridiculous album I’ve ever listened to. It’s one of the most fun 25 minutes you can have in one sitting. You can’t listen to this record without a smile on your face, and if you see them live, get ready for an insane show. If you’re ready for an atomic Japanese action punk band, this is the one you’ve been looking for.
Favorite tracks: “You Have Nice T-Shirts” & “Rock Paper Scissors”

Underøath – Erase Me

This is going to be an interesting album for fans. The metalcore band has pushed aside their Christian label and while it’s still got a bit of bite, it’s a happier album than fans are used to. Look to it for more melodic singing, a little less screaming, and the introduction of *gasp* swearing! If you don’t get caught up thinking about who it is, you might just love it.
Favorite tracks: “On My Teeth” & “Hold Your Breath”

See you next week (for real)!