New Music Friday has arrived hand in hand with spring, bringing along some great albums to listen to.

Here’s a roundup of the few smaller albums you should listen to this week.

Karen O, Danger Mouse– Lux Prima

Separate artists Karen O and Danger Mouse collaborated on this album to bring a musical exploration of art rock. Consequence of Sound summed it up best; “These are two artists who know when to pull back and when to pile on, with enough technical knowledge to execute their vision and enough passion to work until the little details are right.”

Matmos– Plastic Anniversary

Experimental electronic duo Matmos has returned with an album that is quasi musique concrete. The entire album is an ode to plastic pollution; composed of ambient and unique sounds made from modern day plastic. Think bubblewrap, breast implants, PVC pipe. The world of plastic is their oyster.

The Faint – Egowerk

The Faint is back with a new album that is simply put: an indie rock, electronic punk piece de resistance against all things technology, social media, and conformity.

RAC – Closer

RAC composed this EP, composed entirely of classical piano driven music for the Oregon Ballet Theatre to soundtrack dancer’s movements on stage. The music is graceful and different from his original indie dance hits, but without eliminating his signature sound completely.

The Comet Is Coming– Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery

Hello, nu jazz fusion! The Comet Is Coming created this majority jazz album sprinkled with grime, punk rock and G-funk, blending genres to become a distinct sound all their own.

Dis Fig – PURGE

Dis Fig is an electronic artist who has released a new album that is a rollercoaster of emotions. The record “wavers between Chen’s scorched vocals battling to be heard over brutal, electronic production and luminous, minimalist moments where her words resonate as tender pleas.”