Duster – Duster

“It’s still Duster to the core — as sad, exhilarating, and powerful as ever — but it’s colored by 20 years of life experience and dipped even more deeply in melancholy. At a time when almost every band ever has reunited to make disappointing, derivative music, Duster have come back to make their most sonically challenging and emotionally invested record yet.” – All Music

St Vincent / Nina Kraviz – Masseduction Rewired

“St Vincent gets herself plenty of remix action by giving Russian DJ, Nina Kraviz, the keys to the Masseduction car. Not content with a test-drive, Kraviz takes the album on a monster roadtrip, coming back with no less than 21 remixes that reimagine St Vincent’s indie-pop into bumping techno, house and acid. ” – The Music

New Shack – So Soda EP

“Catherine’s vocal performance wafts a painful insight and is based on a strange, hazy, but charming poetry. And if you carefully listen to “So Soda,” an unusual state hits you, as if on the border with the subconscious, New Shack stunned the guards to get to the flickering waves of the stream of consciousness.” – Grotesqualizer

The Red Pears – Alicia EP

“A crew that found each other during those beautifully awkward high school years in their hometown of El Monte, CA, the group’s intertwined pasts are evidently present in their nostalgia-laden, homegrown sound. The album is named after Jose and Henry’s mom, both of whom happen to share the name Alicia, and sonically features that same laid back, alternative sound which left the world smitten with the trio to begin with.” – Lady Gunn

Scandroid – The Light

“Embracing an utterly unique amalgam of ‘80s pop, electronic rock, and synthwave, Scandroid’s music appeals equally to fans inside and out of synthwave culture and has become one of the key gateways for new listeners to the genre.” – EDM.com