Whatchya doin’? Need some tunes to put you in a super good mood? We got you covered. Check out what we’re jammin’ to here in the Jukely office, and let us know if you think there is something out there we should be dedicating our ears to.

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Thievery Corporation – The Temple of I & I

FOR THOSE WHO: so there’s a song called “The Ghetto Matrix” and we feel that title sums up the entirety of this album. So it’s for the cool people in a different kind of Matrix. A cool, underground Matrix on Cuba’s east coast.

STRFKR – Vault Vol. 1

FOR THOSE WHO: are feeling a little bit overwhelmed, and need to be relaxed a bit. Sit back, relax, and let the smooth sounds of STRFKR take you away.

Teen Daze – Themes for Dying Earth

FOR THOSE WHO: miss the low-key days of being a teenager, having no cares in the world, and daydreaming during math class, and are in the market to feel that way again. Morbidly appropriate title.

Radical Face – SunnMoonnEclippse EP

FOR THOSE WHO: like their folk to sound a little haunting, a little daunting, and entirely mesmerizing. Radical Face’s new EP is a psychedelic take on a back patio playlist and will cause you to become completely lost. The man certainly has a gift with sounds.

Big Wild – Invincible EP

FOR THOSE WHO: need to groove, but don’t know where to turn. Big Wild’s got you covered.

Henry Green – Real

FOR THOSE WHO: would like to be sensually serenaded by sound 😉

Aaron Carter – LøVë

FOR THOSE WHO: secretly play Justin Bieber on Spotify but keep it on private so none of your followers can see. Well guess what? Aaron Carter has a new haircut so now it’s totally cool to listen to his music.



Sigrid – “Don’t Kill My Vibe”

FOR THOSE WHO: are looking for a new anthem to add to their “feelin’ fierce” playlist.

DENM – “Hey Ya”

FOR THOSE WHO: are open to to try different things, meals, styles, etc. Like this incredibly smooth rendition of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”.