We’re starting this week off a lil’ different than others, for reasons I’m still trying to make sense of.


Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory

It was released 17 years ago, but I think we all need to put it back in the daily go-to playlist. This was one of those incredible albums that not a single track on it has a flaw. It changed music and helped a lot of people through tough times. After yesterday’s news, all music got a little quieter.
Favorite tracks: “My December” & “Papercut” 

Childhood – Universal High

Dreamy indie-pop has arrived on this week’s list and it reminds me of childhood, if my childhood was in the early ’60s & ’70s and full of psychedelic soul mixes and synthy goodness. Those familiar with their earlier work shouldn’t be dissuaded from listening, but know that it’s much different than their 2014 release, Lacuna.
Favorite tracks: “Don’t Have Me Back” & “Heart Strings” 

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot in the Head

This might be the biggest compliment I ever give an album review… With this new album, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood is reminiscent of The Band. Just phenomenal musicianship, vocals, and all around flavor. I also have no idea how they’re putting out so much music. Just a prolific, rock band with a psychedelic vibe rubbed on the back end. Bravo.
Favorite tracks: “High Is Not The Top” & “Behold the Seer” 

Goldfinger – The Knife

Did Goldfinger turn into a supergroup without telling anyone??? The lead singer is the only original member on this one, but filling the other positions are members of MxPx, Story of the Year, and Blink 182‘s drummer, Travis Barker. With these new members, the band does not sound like I remember, specifically their self-titled release from ’96, but it’s kinda perfect pop-punk with a heavy ska/reggae influence.
Favorite tracks: “A Million Miles” & “Who’s Laughing Now” 

In This Moment – Ritual 

At the base, this is a goth-metal album, but when you listen deeper, this thing’s got everything from blues to arena rock to some very theatrical pieces that I’d like even more if I saw them on a stage (specifically Black Wedding). The album is heavy, with a plethora of talent flowing out of it. If you’d like something dark, mysterious, but still accessible, this is your jam.
Favorite tracks: “Joan of Arc” & “Oh Lord” 

She Sir – Rival Island

This is the perfect music for a date, dinner, or casual calm party. It’s shoegaze, but almost a dreamier form with vocals that are more prominent. Across every track I felt like they were telling me about their love lives and I wanted to hear more. It’s an upbeat album with melodies you can’t help but sway to.
Favorite tracks: “Private Party” & “DBS” 

Dan Croll – Emerging Adulthood

Could this be the most fun album of the week? Possibly. It’s just a vintagey rock n’ roll good time. Dan’s voice is one of the big highlights of the album. Every track is definitely him, but each has its own style going from deep and heavy to higher than I thought possible. He’s got some octaves and has a fantastic time exploring them.
Favorite tracks: “Tokyo” & “Swim” 

Cornelius – Mellow Waves

With a mix of Japanese and English, this one definitely sounds a little different than the rest on the list, but not in a bad way. It’s an interesting mix of synths, guitar, drum, and has a few tracks that sound almost jazzy. At the end of the day, it’s an album you don’t have to understand to “get” and enjoy.
Favorite tracks: “The Rain Song” & “In A Dream” 

DED – Mis-An-Thrope

The four-piece group slams rap, metal, and stadium rock together into an expletive-filled experience you won’t soon forget. If you’ve got some teenage angst racked up, you’re just angry about the political climate of the day, or you just need something heavy and angry, this’ll treat you well.
Favorite tracks: “Beautiful” & “Anti-Everything” 

BONUS EP: Wax Motif – Tokyo

It’s only two songs, but they’re both hard-hitting bass house tracks. “Make It Rain” has the kind of beat you can’t help but move to. No matter what your genre of choice is, throw this on and try not to get into it. The EP is eight minutes twenty one seconds of fun movement. Enjoy.

What’s your favorite on the list?

Dis we miss anything?

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