Personally, most days I feel like a nut, but that’s beside the point. It’s too cold up here in Brooklyn to dilly dally, let’s just dive into the new music, shall we?

Black Label Society – Grimmest Hits
As much as the title suggests, this is not a greatest hits album. It starts off with the sound of distant music, as though you’re walking through catacombs, and then at 49 seconds, you run into the monster you’re searching for. From there, it never lets up. It’s gloomy, doomy, and filled to the brim with the heavy blues rock that you’d expect from BLS. It might not be the greatest hits, but if they release one, some of these beasts will be on it.
Favorite tracks: “Illusions of Peace” & “Trampled Down Below”

De Lux – More Disco Songs About Love
The title lays it out for you, but forgets to tell you there’s a wink and a nudge throughout the album and a definite influence from LCD Soundsystem. It’s fun, it’s danceable, and it’s relatable. The record could have been released in the ’70s as much as it could have been released today. If you’re looking for nostalgia with an all new feel, this’ll be your jam.
Favorite tracks: “Smarter Harder Darker” & “Writing Music for Money, to Write More Music”

Moon Taxi – Let the Record Play
There are definite similarities to bands like Imagine Dragons and American Authors in this one, but they’ve crafted a hell of a pop rock album here. It’s got the perfect mix of dance ready festival tracks and soul felt, heart touching songs that’ll get anyone listening feeling the love and bobbing around. This is what feel good pop sounds like.
Favorite tracks: “Two High” & “Not Too Late”

The Go! Team – Semicircle
This record sounds like a group of high schoolers made it. Don’t get me wrong, they’re insanely talented high schoolers, it’s just got this incredible vibe and with samples from a literal high school band, you can hear why I say it. Mixing together everything from hip hop to rock to electronic music, this one’s got something for everyone. And listening to it will not only get you dancing, but wanting to sing along.
Favorite tracks: “The Answer’s No – Now What’s the Question?” & “She’s Got Guns”

First Aid Kit – Ruins

If you’re going through some heartache right now, you’re going to want to stay away from this one OR get two albums, because you’ll wear the first one out. It’s gorgeously haunting folk rock that circles around the feelings that we all have when losing a love. If you’re looking for an album with some of the most touching lyrics around, this one will give your ears a hug.
Favorite tracks: “It’s a Shame” & “Distant Star”

Shopping – The Official Body
The English post punk trio is back and they wanna get you moving. It’s got a sound somewhere between shoegaze, surf rock, and The B-52s. While listening I had an overwhelming feeling of urgency in every song. The record is no doubt a driving force, but at 31 minutes, you’re going to wish it was longer.
Favorite tracks: “My Dad’s a Dancer” & “Asking for a Friend”

Tune-Yards – I can feel you creep into my private life
Prepare your dancing shoes, cause this soul-infused album is going to be your wonderland. This is no doubt an album with serious political focus, but it does it with an outlook that’s almost positive. This is an album mixing disco, house, and political awareness in a way that feels perfectly at home in 2018. Made for 2018.
Favorite tracks: “Heart Attack” & “Honesty”

Starcrawler – Starcrawler

This might not be the one you listen to with your parents, then again, I don’t know your parents (maybe just skip “Pussy Tower“). Distorted guitars, edgy dueling vocals, and an undeniable punk backbone make this one the perfect party record. Grab some friends, a bunch of PBR, and you can’t go wrong.
Favorite tracks: “Love’s Gone Again” & “Let Her Be”

BONUS EP: Daniel Avery – Slow Fade

Daniel not only titled the four songs on this one perfectly, but he made a statement about the album that is spot on, so spot on that I’ll  just put it right here, “I’ve become increasingly interested in those moments in a club when the outside world becomes little more than an inconsequential thought at the back of your head. Eyes closed as opposed to hands in the air. A light emerging from the darkness – this is the idea I repeatedly returned to in the studio.” Close your eyes and let this one take you away.
Favorite track: “Fever Dream”

See ya in a week!

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