To be honest, the one music lover who didn’t agree with it didn’t really understand the question. New Music Friday is the only kind of Friday…

Here’s 11 for you to test out heading into the weekend.

Judas Priest – Firepower

If you’re a fan of these guys, this one is going to knock you on your ass. The 67-year-old singer may not be able to hit the insane levels that he once could, but honestly, it’s okay. The growl that he brings to this one is everything you’d expect from these legends. It’s a menacing melee for almost a full hour.
Favorite tracks: “Lightning Strike” & “Necromancer”

Editors – Violence

If Joy Division, Coldplay, and LCD Soundsystem had a baby, this would be that baby. It’s no doubt dark, but there’s somehow an upbeat vibe to the darkness that gets you moving along with songs named things like “Violence,” “Nothingness,” and “Counting Spooks.”
Favorite tracks: “Nothingness” & “Hallelujah (So Low)”

The Herbaliser – Bring Out The Sound

You’ve never heard anything like this. It’s a dark blend of funk, hip-hop, and almost a folky backbone. It’s one of the most eclectic albums I’ve heard in a while. It has rap, a horn section, scratch tracks, and even a psychedelic vibe at points. Take a listen and tell us what you think.
Favorite tracks: “Seize the Day” & “Tripwire”

Turbowolf – The Free Life

As soon as this one kicks off you’re going to hear a Smashing Pumpkins vibe, but they own it as their own heavier hard rock vibe. If you’re looking for an album that will bring you back a few years and take you into the future, this might do you nicely.
Favorite tracks: “Very Bad” & “Domino”

George Fitzgerald – All That Must Be

If you’re looking for a rager with massive drops, this is not it, but what it is is a gorgeous 10 tracks with almost a bittersweet quality to it. It’s upbeat, fun to listen to, and will get you dancing, but with almost a yearning throughout. The vocals are also super interesting, not really saying anything as much as being an instrument he uses to create incredible beats.
Favorite tracks: “Two Moons Under” & “Burns”

Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now

Lou Reed, is that you? Saying that in the best way. The album’s got a great old school rock vibe with lyrics that are almost more like spoken word poetry laid on top of the tracks. It’ll take you directly back to the ’70s groovy rock scene from track one through to eleven.
Favorite tracks: “You Like to Joke Around With Me” & “Every Time the Feeling Comes”

Oneida – Romance

Picture yourself on another planet, surrounded by aliens, and they’re trying to teach you how they live without using words, because you don’t speak the same language (obviously), this is the soundtrack to that experience. It’s experimental, it’s dark, there are frayed electronics throughout, but it’ll keep you interested for over an hour.
Favorite tracks: “All in Due Time” & “Good Lie”

Moose Blood – I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore

The emo band is back with their third full-length and it’s a bit of a different sound than the previous records. It’s still got a Brand New sound throughout, but it’s somehow darker while picking up the pace. For those not as interested in emo, they might be pulled over to the dark side with this one.
Favorite tracks: “Talk In Your Sleep” & “It’s Too Much”

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats – Tearing at the Seams

If you’re familiar with his massive hit S.O.B. get ready for a bunch more favorites. The album is a perfect mix of soul, rock, Americana, and classic singer/songwriter. While, I think “Intro” should have been the opening track for more reasons than the name, it’s a powerful album that’ll cross a lot of generations.
Favorite tracks: “I’ll Be Damned” & “Intro”

BONUS EP – Gloria – Oldophon Echorama

Harmonies on top of harmonies on top of harmonies. And they’re awesome. At points, it sounds like almost old-school country with a contemporary psych pop feel. It’s only 22 minutes, but the six songs will take you on a journey anyone would be happy to join.
Favorite track: “Heavy”

BONUS SINGLE – Flogging Molly – Going Home

It’s about a week until St. Paddy’s day, so… I had to put this one in. It’s a previously unreleased track and it’s possibly the perfect song to end the night on the 17th (or any night for that matter). If you want to catch them for the big day, you’ll have to be on the west coast, they’ll be at Palladium.

See you next week!