Happy first Friday of November! We can’t believe we’re already so deep into fall, but, here we are so we may as well make the best of it before winter comes. We’ve gone ahead and listed out 7 new releases that will shake up your week.

Let us know what you think about them, which ones are your favorite, and what you think we should be listening to over on twitter!

Happy listening.

Saint Mesa – “Jungle” EP

FOR THOSE WHO: are gearing up for their drive to the ‘rents for Thanksgiving weekend, and need to start compiling their ‘belt your lungs out in the car’ playlist.


FOR THOSE WHO: need an angelic female singer to soothe their ears every now and again. This album is honestly like a having a little good angel on your shoulder inspiring you to gain strength.

STRFKRTape Machine

FOR THOSE WHO: are looking to groove, and don’t know which album to start with. Presenting to you, STRFKR’s new banger that will evoke the funk out of your bones.


FOR THOSE WHO: need an album to watch nature to. Simplicity is an amalgam of sound that just makes you feel good, and like you’re kind of connected to everything falling around you.


FOR THOSE WHO: are looking to tap into a sensual, R&B infused realm of music with metaphysical undertones. Don’t be surprised if you’re listening and dancing then all of a sudden are questioning your meaning in life.

Jim JamesEternally Even

FOR THOSE WHO: need an album to wave their multi-coloured scarf around their room while dancing in their underwear to. Amazing 60’s vibes infiltrate this singer-songwriter’s melodic, brilliant album.

Hope Sandoval and the Warm InventionsUntil the Hunter

FOR THOSE WHO: same type of person who need the Jim James album, except this time, that person has posters of David Lynch infiltrating the walls of their bedroom, and are feeling a strong need to dance with said scarf in a dark forest, summoning creatures of all kinds.