America, consider me a dreamer first, and a music lover second. Or a music lover first, and… it doesn’t matter either way. But when I saw the Hyperloop One announcement on April 6th, the first question that came to mind was, how will this affect the music I listen to?

I’m not talking about some grandiose, new genre of music or anything like that. I’m thinking about you and I, the music listeners, the aural aficionados, the… you get it.

If this thing goes 700 miles an hour and connected DC and LA, does that mean we could watch an early show in DC, jump on the Hyperloop One, shoot on over to LA, and catch the late show?

The distance between the two is roughly 2,500 miles, which would take a little over three and a half hours. That being said, LA is three hours behind DC. If we went to a show at 7 PM, stayed until 8:30, jumped on the Hyperloop One at 9 PM, we’d get to LA at 9:30 with plenty of time to get to the 10pm show.*

Did I just blow your mind? I think I blew my own mind. Can we make this happen soon? I’ve got so many shows to hit on the other coast this year.

If you want to learn more about this beast check out the video below.

*It should be noted that this is probably not correct science (I’m a writer, people) and it’s going to take a lot more than a few months to build it across the US, so 2017 is probably out. If what I’m saying above isn’t plausible, please don’t tell me. I need this.

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