In this day and age, we have single handedly witnessed a massive shift in the way we receive, download, purchase, and listen to music. Four Over Four has taken the time to give a run through of the pros vs. cons when it comes to specific ways of listening. We’ve already established that vinyl is not only the future, but will forever be cool.

SunPress Vinyl

SunPress Vinyl Factory, which had its soft opening last month, was almost an accidental endeavor. SunPress was originally set to open in Brooklyn. One of their founders, Dan Yashiv, went to Miami to pick up some of the vinyl pressing equipment and realized the old plant the equipment was sitting in was historic. Final Vinyl, the old plant, dated back to the 70’s, and produced vinyl’s for Bob Marley, Lee “Scratch” Perry, and so many more. SunPress built off this history to what it is today.

“Yashiv, a recording engineer who’s worked acts like Pet Shop Boys and Britney Spears, founded SunPress Vinyl with film producer Stephen Hays. They’ve also partnered with Dan Pelson, former EVP of Sony Music. Benji Rogers of direct-to-fan music platform PledgeMusic is on board as an advisor.” –

SunPress prides itself on the idea of being aide to the independent music industry’s vinyl exploration. They have ties with larger labels as a means of income, but want to help smaller bands “press 300 records to go on tour”, sell the record, and make another album.

In short: Not only is SunPress being run by some of the top dogs in the music game, it’s also a piece of history, restored and fully functional. SunPress Vinyl is friend to breakout artist, is one of the highest quality vinyl pressing plants, and is situated within a vintage pressing plant. Come for the vinyl, stay for the history.