is looking for someone new to take the reins.

A few months ago we did a piece about this incredible resource for metalheads and we’re sad to hear that it might be closing shop at the end of the month. If it doesn’t find a new person or group to run it, that’s exactly what will happen.

We’re sure that the owner won’t just hand’er off to anyone, but we’d would love to see it continue helping the Philadelphia scene.

With everything from bands to venues to places for metalheads to connect with each other to do things like find band members for their own bands and more, it’s an awesome site and an even bigger opportunity for someone to take it to the next level.

We're big metal fans here at Jukely.
We’re big metal fans here at Jukely.

We found out about the news from a Facebook post on August 2nd stating:

“After eight years, I’m going to be taking offline at the end of August unless I can find someone suitable willing to assume 100% responsibility for it. It’s a Ruby on Rails app that requires JRuby because its database is an old version of Neo4j. I started a branch that’d update it and simplify its hosting, but I don’t have the time to commit to getting it production-ready. It currently costs about $40/month to host but you could definitely get this lower with a few updates.

No matter what happens, if you’re a metal fan and want to connect with other like-minded Philadelphians, head over to while you still can.

If you know someone who could be a good fit, tell them about it! Contact information for the owners is right on the site.

Feel free to share this story with your fellow Philly metalheads and see if we can’t continue the legacy of!

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