U.S. Girls – Heavy Light

“Heavy Light, the remarkable new record from Meg Remy’s U.S. Girls project, is a scavenger hunt for these elusive pasts — music devoted to reflection and retrospection. Recorded live on the floor at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango, the record is a communal exultation built from piano, percussion and waves of human voice. It feels like the culmination of Remy’s work to date, music in constant conversation with itself — the sum greater than its parts, and the parts greater than what’s come before.” – Exclaim!

Pantha du Prince – Conference of Trees

“…the patient exhibition of atmosphere, the translation of electronic themes into organic modes, and above all else the bold imagination of its creator. A record that thrives on its biocentric themes, it’s one you won’t want to leave behind.” – The Skinny UK

Phantogram – Ceremony

“Phantogram follow their indie-pop-loving hearts on the finely-crafted, addictive Ceremony. The band tones down their more experimental electronic interests in order to create polished, percussive electro tracks well-suited to sing-alongs and rooftop party soundtracks.” – Amoeba

Caroline Rose – Superstar

“Superstar is dedicated to the kind of knowing modern pop that lies halfway between the mainstream and retro nostalgia; it’s pop in form yet unlikely to ever crack the Top 40, since its sensibility is too clever and crafted, emphasizing uncomfortable emotions over temporary pleasures. ” – All Music

Disq – Collector

“These 10 songs unfold over repeat listens, revealing de Broux-Sloane’s neat habit of examining his feelings rather than simply expressing them …Meanwhile echoes of The Posies, Weezer, Teenage Fanclub and more demonstrate the band’s collective gift for instantly memorable hooks – good luck getting the chorus to the brilliantly silly microphone ode ‘D19’ out of your head, not that you’ll want to try.” – Clash Music

Stephen Malkmus – Traditional Techniques

“Traditional Techniques is an album completely out of time — a folk(ish) record about the present day that might be one of the most future-proof of his career.” – The Line of Best Fit