Everyone has experienced at least one side of the last minute gift. It stinks being on both sides. Your best friend got you a candle or a card? Woof. Your significant other re-gifted you the present you gave them last year? Woof. You’re been the victim of the last minute gift express.

The panic of not knowing what to get someone last minute is pretty terrible, too. It’s hard to figure out something quick and customizable. That’s why sharing music (in all its forms) is the perfect gift to give last minute, because it feels so unique to your specific relationship. And who doesn’t love music?

While the holidays shouldn’t be the only time you should share music, it does present the opportune time to give a music lover what might be the best gift of all time, even if it is last minute.

The best last minute gift in all its forms

As an experience

Does your friend love a specific artist or band? Have a festival they’ve been dying to check out? The gift of concert tickets might be right for you. It’s easy, last minute, and all you need is a credit card and a printer.

If your music lover friend doesn’t have a specific artist they fawn about, maybe surprise them with a concert you think they might like! Who doesn’t love being introduced to a new artist?

As a physical gift

This one is a no brainer, but only works if you have a little bit more time on your hands then right before the gift exchange.

Think vinyls, speakers, and new headphones. This could also work for the techie in your life! Who doesn’t love new gadgets to listen to New Music Fridays on?

As a subscription

There’s nothing more irritating as a music lover than listening to a playlist only to be interrupted by ads. If you know your friends’ preferred streaming service, you could buy them an ad free subscription. Every day their commute is ad free, they’ll think of you!

There’s also Vinyl Me Please and VNYL, both of which are vinyl subscription services which delivery monthly or annual vinyls.

And, of course, Jukely, a concert subscription that gives members guestlist access to hundreds of music events – for one price. Whenever you want to go out, you’ll always have something to do.