The Resisdance is a grassroots movement throwing a Brooklyn warehouse party this Saturday at Bogart House to raise both funds and awareness for political causes and groups that have been disenfranchised since Inauguration Day.

A diverse lineup of DJs and digital art will set the sounds and sights of the politically-fueled concert, which aims to maintain the momentum and energy of January’s Women’s March on Washington.

The roster of performers includes:

Marite – Listen:

Maŕa – Listen:

Olive T – Listen:

Haruka – Listen:

Day Cart – Listen:

Hils Hinrix – Listen:

Aaron Tripp – Listen:

Lilly Winter – Listen:

Lu – Listen:

After the Women’s March I wanted to help maintain the momentum of that powerful surge of energy and solidarity by combining music with politics. To create a space where like-minded people can come together and dance towards a better future, to stand together and say “we will resist.” – Lilly Winter Merrick, Resisdance organizer

Planned Parenthood CEO Joan Malin has already expressed her gratitude to and support of The Resisdance.

Planned Parenthood statement on the Resisdance

The complete news release from The Resisdance is re-printed below:

The Resisdance is a grassroots movement designing events to raise money for organizations being challenged by this administration. We are a community dedicated to solidarity and progressive thinking. We recognize that music and art have always been connected to politics therefore we invite people to march from the streets to the dance floor.

With our first event, we chose to raise money for Planned Parenthood to continue the momentum after the epic Women’s March across the planet on January 21st. This is why we have a predominantly female line up of DJs, Mara (of Cultivated Sound), Marite (of ReSolute and Off The Record), Haruka (from The Deep), Hils Hinrix (Global Mix), Olive T (NYC), Lu (The Resisdance) and Lilly Winter (The Resisdance), Aaron Tripp our co-organizer (from Intl’ Winners) and Day Cart, co-organiser (from Goonroom) are the boys on the team.

The Resisdance will utilize mapping and digital art in the space, to create a multi sensory experience, to sit alongside the epic views over NYC from the event space. We will be hosting the event from 7:30pm – 3am at Bogart House (230 Bogart St, Brooklyn); on the 3rd floor of this new warehouse space in East Williamsburg.

We will have our friends from Planned Parenthood New York attending from the fundraising and PR team, to show their support and speak about the importance of their work. Members of The New York Times will be attending as well as Mixmag, who come to show their support as deeply ingrained members of the club culture of New York.

Keep up with The Resisdance updates on the official Facebook Event page.