Austin has seen a volatile live music landscape the past few months. We’ve seen petitions to shut down music festivals, permits to stay open late, and support for the music industry in SXSW.

Here’s a quick go-to on what happened this month, which is especially helpful when dealing with new laws.

  • We saw the rise and fall of the Strange Brew venue (with its scandal earlier this year), followed up with the announcement that the venue will re-open under new ownership.
  • Legislation has taken a rough turn regarding nightlife, with the implementation of more rigorous background checks forcing Uber and Lyft out of the metropolitan area, resulting in an increase in drunk driving arrests.
  • We provided you with the solution to avoid the ride-share dilemma: just stagger to venues close to downtown dirty sixth.
  • City Council has acknowledged the difficulty the live music scene is currently facing, and has passed a legislative omnibus aimed at assisting the live music and creative artist scene, including venue noise permits and the creation of common spaces for artists to collaborate.
  • 2016 music festival Austin City Limits brought in an official 271 million dollars to the Austin economy.
  • The Austin Symphony received a million dollar endowment.

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