The Masquerade

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Masquerade Underground location is here to stay! They recently signed the lease extending the Kenny’s Alley spot for at least ten more years, and we couldn’t be happier.

While the original space on North Avenue was incredible, they moved out last year to make room for a new mixed-use residential space near the Beltline. The newer underground location offers three separate spaces with space for anywhere from 300 to 1,000 fans. It’s also has the best names around for each of them, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.

The Original Masquerade
The original Masquerade

There was a period of time where they were going to move the esteemed venue to a location on the Westside, but after the new neighbors filed suit to stop it from operating in the neighborhood, it fell through.

The original spot made its home in the historic Dupree Excelsior Mill, where the first Warped Tour played in 1992. They had some of the biggest bands of all time there including Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, and Fugazi.

Over the years, the Masquerade has presented thousands of shows, but now in the new space, they’re going even bigger. In 2017, they broke the 700 ticketed events barrier, which leads us to believe that 2018 will be even more incredible.

What do you think about the current location? Do you miss the old mill? Will you be hitting it up for at least the next 10 years? Tell us on Twitter.

See who’s playing the Masquerade next at Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.

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