By our awesome Super User in Toronto: Katrina Lat 

Happy Birthday Jukely Toronto: A Year in Review

One year ago, Jukely launched in Toronto. “My first of what I’m sure will be many Jukely shows,” I wrote on Instagram, after claiming a Jukely slot at Twin Shadow’s gig. After 119 artists, 61 shows, 24 venues, 4 cities, and 1 incredible year, I’ve realized just how prophetic of a statement that proved to be.

In celebration of my year-long relationship with the concert subscription superstar, here’s a collection of images and experiences I’ve amassed throughout my Jukely-fueled adventures.

TWIN SHADOW | 4/6/15 | The Phoenix | Toronto, Canada

My first ever Jukely show! I felt very important as I flashed my ID and informed the bouncer I was on the Jukely guestlist. It’s been a year, and that rush of faux celebrity still hasn’t faded.

BILLY TALENT | 5/10/15 | Canadian Music Week | Toronto, Canada

My inner grade school punk is eternally grateful to Jukely for finally giving me the chance to see these guys live. As expected, it was sweaty, claustrophic, borderline violent… and absolutely incredible. To the overly aggressive dudes who tried to forcibly remove me from my second row spot: I’m not going anywhere!

KAISER CHIEFS | 5/17/15 | The Phoenix | Toronto, Canada

Ricky Wilson is quite possibly one of my favourite frontmen ever. He spent the majority of the set leaping from monitor to stage, but the lighting here captures a more introspective version of him.

ONE DIRECTION | 8/21/15 | Air Canada Centre | Toronto, Canada

If not for my Jukely membership, I would not have even contemplated stepping foot into this one. The band announced their split shortly after this performance, so I’m glad I had the chance to witness them (and their fandom) live beforehand.

KASKADE | 9/6/15 | Nocturnal Wonderland | San Bernadino, California

Nocturnal Wonderland was one of my coolest, and most intimidating musical experiences of 2015. After venturing solo into the San Bernadino mountain range, I found myself in an unknown city, listening to unfamiliar music, alongside people I had never met. And I absolutely loved it. To me, this image captures the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself.

LIANNE LA HAVAS | 10/2/15 | Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada

Confession: I had no idea who Lianne La Havas was prior to this performance. The Grammy-nominated Brit with a stellar voice and songwriting chops entered my radar thanks to a last minute pass claimed on Jukely. An unexpected suggestion that quickly turned into a spectacular evening.

CHVRCHES | 10/5/15 | Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada

Both of CHVRCHES’ sold out nights in Toronto found their way onto Jukely. This picture turned out to be my most ‘liked’ Instagram post of 2015 thanks to a regram and shoutout from Lauren Mayberry herself!

NEW FOUND GLORY | 10/25/15 | Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada

When you catch yourself in a perpetual smile, mouthing along to a song whose words you don’t even know, you know you’re witnessing something special.

NEW POLITICS | 11/15/15 | Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada

Breakdancing, singalongs, and good ‘ol rock and roll – New Politics’ high energy set was hands down one of the most fun performances I saw all year.

EL VY | 11/17/15 | The Opera House | Toronto, Canada

With only a vague acquaintance to their music, El Vy’s sold out Toronto gig is a show I never would have attended in a Jukely-less world. The sounds created by Matt Berninger’s side project resonated with me well after the show ended. Despite my unfamiliarity with many of their tunes, it was one of my Top 10 performances of the year.

AUGUST BURNS RED | 12/1/15 | Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada

The bouncer spent thirty seconds scrutinizing my ID. It was my first ever metal show, and I’m pretty sure he was just as confused as I was about my attendance that night. In some sense he was right – this wasn’t my typical scene, and this wasn’t a typical show… and I loved it. For me, the real power of Jukely lies in its power to enable risk free discovery. If I’m not enjoying myself, I can leave without guilt. But more often than not, I find myself grooving (or in this case, headbanding) along, uncaring whether I not I fit the general demographic, and simply losing myself to some good tunes.

JUSTICE | 12/31/16 | The Brooklyn Hangar | Brooklyn, USA

Eleven hours on a bus, an hour and a half in a border crossing line, and an hour navigating the streets of New York attempting to locate this Brooklyn Warehouse location… but what better way to ring in the new year than with Jukely?! Jukely’s New Year’s Eve celebration featured an incredible electronic line-up: Bob Moses, Justice, Gessafelstein, Chrome Sparks, and Odesza.

ALESSIA CARA | 1/17/16 | Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada

This hometown hero sold out two nights in Toronto, and once again, Jukely came to our rescue.

FRANK TURNER |2/23/16 | London Music Hall | London, Canada

Though this “London” was a little far from the one he calls home, Frank Tuner brought heart, passion, and a rebel edge to his solo acoustic set. ‘Recovery’ has been one of my favourite tunes for a while, and this performance was well worth the trek.

KYLE | 3/3/16 | Danforth Music Hall | Toronto, Canada

It’s hard to dislike someone who comes onstage wielding a lightsaber, performs alongside a costumed Pikachu, has a Super Mario themed backdrop, and finishes his set by crowdsurfing (quite literally) through the audience.

Jukely has let me experience music like never before. Each pass I claim is a new adventure – whether it be gambling on an unknown musical discovery, booking last minute transportation to a once-in-a-lifetime event, rocking out to a familiar artist in an unfamiliar city, or simply experiencing the rush of success that comes with clinching a hot ticket.

My past year has been inextricably entwined with my Jukely membership. Each morning my internal clock anxiously awaits my favourite time of the day – 11 am, the Jukely iOS app happily populates prime real estate on my smartphone screen, and every time I attend an event (be it courtesy of Jukely or otherwise,) I subconsciously remind myself to ‘check in’.


Happy Birthday, Jukely Toronto! Here’s to many more years of musical adventures!