Miami-based LinkMiamiRebels are a catalyst for self-expression, a window to another world, a vanguard of the underground; they are rebels in a sea of bottle service and dress code norms.

Their ingenuity shines at every event, from their collaborations with fellow Miami promoters to create whimsical pop-up parties to the thought they put into decorating their home base, Trade, differently every evening.

All of these meaningful details wrap around cutting edge house and techno artists. To help you get to know these industrious music lovers a bit better, Coloma Kaboomsky spoke with Four Over Four on LinkMiamiRebels’ origins and measures of success as well as the future of the electronic music scene in Miami and more.

How was LinkMiamiRebels conceived? In what ways has your vision changed since the brand was founded in 2009?

LinkMiamiRebels started when we discovered a place called Treehouse, a venue that had been forgotten in Miami Beach. We had always been long time lovers of the sand, the water, and the feel of South Beach. With a hyper-saturation of open format parties and mostly commercial acts in mega-clubs, we found ourselves thirsty for substance.

With the help of Gregory Selph, the manager at that time, we envisioned a future with no dress code, a future with quality musical acts that people would come into with an open mind and the same thirst to explore new soundscapes. We started on a journey that has taken us so many places and have assembled a wonderful team around us who are as close as family. We look forward to the evolution of Miami’s cultural landscape.

LinkMiamiRebels logo

Top three memorable moments or shows?

Top moments are sure hard to name or remember. Usually the best ones become limited to specks of time that carry forth as moments in our memories.

We had amazing moments at The Cove, Electric Pickle, Bardot, Space, Treehouse, Trade, Story, and even outdoor pop-ups in the middle of the forest. To be sincere, it is so hard to narrow this down, almost impossible. Just last week we had one of the best parties ever at Trade with Bedouin until 7 AM.

Just a few years back, we had Sven Vath playing all vinyl for an intimate setting… or Maceo Plex going back to back with Danny Daze… or the time that we did our first party at the Space Terrace and Art Department came to the gig with a broken foot and basically forgot about his injury and played until 10 AM.

In all occasions, time stopped and it all of the sudden didn’t matter. These are just a few examples of hundreds that have been absolutely amazing for us and for our city.

Describe one of your professional successes. What worked well? What was the measure of success?

Success is not measured by how many people come to a party or how much money is made or how many artists are booked. Success is seen and felt in those individual interactions where someone thanks us from the bottom of their heart for making a moment in their life a memory to last a lifetime, or when we can create an escape from the pressures of society, or when you can come to our events and freely express yourself without care for judgement. Success is measured by the love you give and the fruits are the love we have received from the wonderful people in our beautiful city.

The future holds a Miami […] where all artists feel comfortable to experiment, a place where all the cities in the world meet to dance with each other. Miami will be a musical destination.

Miami’s underground electronic music scene has grown a great deal over the last several years, and LinkMiamiRebels has played a big part in this growth. What does the future of the music community in Miami look like? 

The future of the music community in Miami has no precedent, it looks to none for comparison. The future holds a Miami that is open-minded to all genres of quality music, one that parties for a few days in a row, ha!

… A place where all artists feel comfortable to experiment, a place where all the cities in the world meet to dance with each other. Miami will be a musical destination. We have summer year-round and a mixture of all the people from all over the world living in harmony; we are in heaven.

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