what to wear to a concert
crowd at concert

Headed to a night time show sometime soon and can’t figure out what to wear? It’s a tough question we ask ourselves all too often. I’ve reduced my reasoning on figuring out what to wear to a concert to five simple pressure points, assuming I start with a basic jeans and light shirt.

How to figure out what to wear to a concert at night

1. Evaluate the venue/location

Is it outdoors? Is it indoors? A warehouse? Will there be a breeze? Is the venue teeny tiny, so that everyone in the audience’s body heat starts combining into an unbearable inferno? Will you be in GA, or are you seated?

what to wear to a concertIf the venue is outdoors, then the next step is to check the weather for the temperature. Remember every time your mom told you to bring a jacket? She was right. One of the worst things is being so cold you can’t enjoy the music! (Also, check for rain.)

If the venue is indoors, definitely prioritize your outfit for what the climate will be indoors. After all, you’ll be at the show the majority of the night.

Will you be going out afterwards? Think about those environments too if you plan on hitting up more bars!

2. Check the weather

Beyond checking for outdoor shows, don’t forget getting to a venue. I usually always opt for full coverage on one set of my limbs if it’s not summer. Pants and a lighter shirt, then layer. If it’s going to be cold, bring a jacket! So. easy. If it’s going to be warm, leave  the extra layers at home.

what to wear to a concert3. Decide your mode of transit

Ah, the weather is riiiight at the point where you’ll need a jacket outside, but you’re going to a small venue and it’s going to get hot and sweaty. This is where you decide: Am I going to be spending a lot of time outdoors getting to the venue? A ten block walk or a two minute Uber? If you’re opting for something insulated, leave the layers at home. Overpacking because you were unsure about what to wear to a concert will only hold you back on the dance floor.

4. Know yourself

Do you like to dance? Get up and close front row? Opt for shoes that are comfortable and closed toe. You won’t come home with filthy feet (maybe just your ankles).

Overheat easily? I know I do. I’d much rather never take a jacket than be stuck holding one in the crowd. Maybe you like to hang back from the crowd, and don’t want to be stuck waiting in the line outside with no jacket during winter. To each their own.

5. Improvise

So you’ve gotten to the venue, and you wore jeans and a light shirt, like I suggested. Congrats! Turns out: you’re cold waiting in line. Huddle for warmth! Check out the merch booth! Or maybe, you brought a jacket, but you’re now dying of heat rash. Check the jacket. Ditch the jacket. (Don’t ditch your jacket.)

I’m one who always prioritizes comfort so you can enjoy the music, so why not jerry-rig a solution so you can focus on the show, even if it means spending a little at coat check?

Adaptability is key when deciding what to wear to a concert. Just go with the flow, and you’ll figure it out just fine.

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