what to take to a show

You’ve got your spot on the list, or tickets, or whatever to the show you’re going to, now the big question is… what to take to a concert? I’ve got 11 things that you should bring for a plethora of reasons. Some of them will be obvious, but there are a few gems in here that might just change your concert going experience.

And you could easily add a number 12 to the list and include a bag, but there are so many venues who say no to bags, or make you check them, so this is a no bag needed list.

What to take to a concert

1. Clothes

Before you say, “I’m obviously going to wear clothes to the show,” you’re the one who’s asking what to take to a concert, and you’re definitely going to want to bring clothes.

Think about this intelligently. First up, ask yourself if it is going to be hot? Cold? Crowded? If it’s going to be hot, bring layers, you can always take them off. If it’s going to be cold, bring layers, you can always add. Layers are key, people.

Also, this may be a pet peeve of mine, but don’t wear the t-shirt of the band you’re going to see, because everyone there knows you’re there to see that band, they know you like them. Band shirts are for the rest of your life, not at the show.

2. Sneakerswhat to take to a concert

Why sneakers you ask? Because you’re most likely going to be standing for three-plus hours. Nothing is worse than having to sit down on a dirty venue floor because your feet hurt so bad that you just can’t stand anymore.

Not only that, but if you’re going to be movin’ and groovin’ to the tunes, you want to be able to move. Dress shoes and high heels can only move and groove so much. Sneakers will really let you show your skills out there (even if some might not appreciate them as much as you).

3. Card/Cash

This is another no brainer. There are still venues and festivals that don’t take cards, so make sure to know beforehand if you need cash or not. It’s also never the worst idea to bring cash with you regardless. Having a twenty spot in your pocket for a band shirt or CD is clutch.

what to take to a concert4. Quarters

This doesn’t fit in the cash category for what to take to a concert, because no one decides to bring them, they’re usually just in your pocket by chance. But if you jump on this it’ll open up doors to a few things that concert-goers often miss out on. Obviously, you’ve got your run-of-the-mill soda machines and what not, but the big win here is when it comes to video games and activities at shows, like pool tables, pinball machines, and getting a few games of digital darts in between sets.

5. Hair tie

This goes for both men and women. This one is all about planning for whatever the show brings your way. If it’s for you, and your hair is long, and you get too hot: hair tie. If it’s for someone who walks up to you and looks oddly uncomfortable because they didn’t bring their own: hair tie. Yeah, some guys will have to explain why they have a hair tie with them and their short hair, but you were in the Boy Scouts, and you’re always prepared. What can you say?

what to bring to a concert6. Lighter

You don’t need to be a smoker to want to bring one of these bad boys. Call me old-fashioned, but when a slow song comes on and the crowd starts turning on the light on their camera phone to hold up, it’s just not the same. You might burn your fingers from holding it up so long, but it’s the only way to really get the same experience. Be the concert-goer this world deserves and never forget your trusty Bic (or whatever lighter you deem appropriate).

7. Smartphone

If ‘bring your phone’ isn’t on your list of what to take to a concert, you’re missing out on everything outside of the show itself. That one is going to get some flack, I get it. If you’re not watching the show and just playing on your phone, don’t bring your phone.

what to bring to a showWarning: the next paragraph tells you what a phone can do… 

You can grab a quick picture, you can check the time, get directions if need be, connect with friends to meet up, get new friend’s numbers. Cell phones are magical. Either way, grab at least one pic during the show so you can show your friends and/or introduce them to a new band.

You know what a phone is; you should bring it.

8. Gum/Mints

This one is just pure consideration for those people crammed into a tiny venue with you. You’re all breathing the same air. Think about bringing something to make it a lil’ sweeter for your concert-going brethren. Or if you’re “whispering”* in someone’s ear, make sure you’ve got nothing to worry about.

*Whispering is in quotes because you can’t really whisper when music is blaring.

9. Earphoneswhat to bring to a show

Even writing this I feel silly. What to take to a show usually doesn’t mean music itself. But… I live in Brooklyn, so without my earphones I would be lost. There’s nothing better than heading to a show and getting pumped up about them by listening to them; and then later putting them back in after the show and watching a video from the show or diving right back into their collection.

Just don’t listen to them while the band is playing, that’d be really weird.

10. Tissues

I’m not saying you’re going to cry at the show, but you never know… On a much more likely side, you might get something in your eye or have to blow your nose. A tiny pack of portable tissues will save the day.

And if anyone around you has an issue, you can say the joke, “Have an issue? Here’s a tissue.” Ba dum tsss…

11. The Tickets

You ever get to a show and realize you either forgot the tickets or you have them on your phone and the venue only takes printed (of course there are apps out there that make sure you almost never have to physically bring tickets, *cough cough* Jukely), but if you’re going to bring anything, bring this… and clothes. Definitely clothes.

What to take to a concert depends a lot on the person, so what are you bringing with you? Are we missing any big ones?

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