Everybody’s working for the weekend… Why? Because it’s party time! Or concert time, or low-key bar night. Whatever the case, the weekend is your time to go out. The weekend is your brief time to relax; your time to not-work.

All of that seems super obvious, right? Well, sure, it is.

But why do we love going out? Is it just a distraction from work, or a way to shut our brains off? Perhaps one or all of those, but for the most part, we go out because it makes us happy. It makes each Monday a little easier when you fuel a happy brain on the weekend.

The State of America

No, this will not be a political rant of any kind, don’t worry, but two things have become clear to me in recent months:

First, we’re all too stressed out. America is stressed and strained, and it shows. Just get on a coastal highway of mostly any kind and things quickly turn to savagery. People are working too hard, and their drive home is the only time they can blow off some real steam. Driving is in between obligations (work and family), so people tend to be way more a-holey than usual.

The second thing I’ve noticed is that, in America, happiness is a luxury. Happiness is something you get to tap into only every so often. We treat happiness like an old record lost in your room. You stumble across it and think, “Holy crap, man. I remember this. This record is glorious. I’m so glad I found this.”

With more stress comes more counteraction. So I’ll say it again, we go out because it makes us happy. So… go out! Don’t worry about it. The work thing? The awkward conversation you had with a distant co-worker in the elevator? It happened, it’s gone. Go out.

1) Humans Need to be Social

The first, and probably most important reason to go out, is because we have a need for social interaction.

Being happy is not the same as not being miserable. I know I mistake the two at times. “I don’t feel horrible, so I must be happy.” Not necessarily. Happiness moves the needle. It’s the contrary to misery, not the lack of.

Socializing is an easy way to grab true moments of happiness. Regardless of the source, it’s simply healthier to be social, and in most cases, the healthier you are, the happier, and vice versa. Socialization proves healthier for your body and brain, so go out.

2) Share Moments

Another thing humans love is sharing. We had an awesome time. We had a great night. There’s nothing to be defensive about when considering a shared moment. Sharing moments with others means sharing happiness. It’s a contagious state of mind, so go out with a few friends.

3) Have Memories

Often times, one of my biggest regrets is not having enough worthwhile memories. Not the lack of doing specific things, but the lack of doing any things. Going out allows us to have experiences. Those experiences are what make fond memories. Go out with a few friends and do things. Anything.

Going out is the real luxury, not the happiness itself. Don’t be shy. Go out and be happy.

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