To many people, music can be a solitary activity. Headphones at work, music in the car, a distraction while doing housework. And the benefits of listening to music, no matter how you do it, are numerous and you should never stop listening to music, even if you’re alone. But my favorite thing about music has always been that you can share music.

Sharing music can take many forms. I’ve always been a big fan of sending other people music. Not everybody has the same tastes, but a friend telling me I’ve got to listen to a new song or album has expanded my interests far more than anything else. Discovering music is difficult, especially in an age of algorithms that, although the makers may say differently, often deliver you something comforting and familiar. Really learning something new should be disruptive, something that makes you jump out of your seat. That’s the joy I’ve always found in discovering music, even more so sometimes than hearing a new album from a favorite band.

Since we’re in the the holiday season and you should definitely be thinking about the gifts you’re going to be giving (at least as much as you’re thinking about the ones you’ll be receiving, gifting music is a great idea. Maybe you can share an album you love (maybe on vinyl too, so you have something to wrap), you can give something to a friend to help them create music, or you can see the joy on a loved one’s face when you surprise them with concert tickets.

There’s nothing quite like experiencing music live. That’s such an important way to share music. Seeing music live is where you share music and an experience with your friends, the band, and everyone around you who also loves the music playing. Even if you start off going to a concert alone, you won’t be alone for long. And, even better, a lot of the health benefits associated with music are even stronger when it comes to live music.

Of course, music can’t exist without the people who create it. Playing music is a great way to share music. Whether you play yourself, or you support those who do, creating music is an incredible thing and there never can be too much of it.

Music is one of those universal things that has existed across continents, civilizations, and even species. It’s a gift that is endless. Sharing music with others doesn’t mean less for you. So no matter how you do it, introducing music to others, giving it as a gift, listening to it live, creating it yourself, or however else you can think of, share music. It truly is the perfect gift.