how to surprise someone with concert tickets

Everybody loves surprises (well, pleasant surprises). The below options are not only the perfect way how to surprise someone with concert tickets, but you could use them for a plethora of other surprises. Your favorite music lover would be deliriously happy if they got any one of these.

Let’s dive into how to surprise someone with concert tickets!

Straight up hand them tickets

I know, this sounds like insanity, but it’s not. It’s actually pretty simple. Procure the tickets then give them to the person. Anyone who’s into live music would be thrilled to receive tickets out of the blue like this. No intricacy. No secrets. Just unadulterated, in your face, concert ticket goodness.

how to surprise someone with concert ticketsMail the tickets

That’s right, we still have the option of sending things through the mail. Figuring out how to surprise someone with concert tickets is as easy as heading to your post office! Some of my favorite ways of doing this one are as follows:

  1. One envelope.
  2. Multiple envelopes, each building up to the tickets.
  3. Big envelope, smaller envelope inside that, smaller envelope inside that, etc.
  4. Big box, small tickets.
  5. Big box, smaller box inside that, smaller box, envelope, smaller envelope, etc.

how to surprise someone with concert ticketsPut the tickets in a money prison puzzle

Your auntie dearest or granmama has probably given you one of these, even if “money prison” is not the technical term. Get one on Amazon, stick the ticket in there, and hand’er off. Your concert-goer will be confused at first, but the tickets will wipe away the pain.

They’ve been framed!

Put the tickets in a frame like the piece of art that they are. But don’t use glue… yet. Just put the tickets in a frame, wrap it and hand it to the unsuspecting show-goer. They can go and bring them back to frame again later, or just use the frame for pictures from the show.

IOU a picture from the show

Figuring out how to surprise someone with concert tickets isn’t easy, but this one surprises them twice. Above, you framed the tickets. This time, frame a note that says something like, “IOU pictures from the [insert band name here] show!” and then tell them you got them tickets… and go to the show.

how to surprise someone with concert ticketsCarnac the Magician

This might be before some of our readers’ time, but Johnny Carson used to do this bit on his show where he would hold up an envelope… ya know what, check it out on YouTube. You can hold the envelope up to your head and say, “What you’re doing on the [date of the show].” Then open the envelope and read out what the show is.

Make sure they have a bookmark

I know, that sounds weird, but old tickets are the best bookmarks. Grab them a book from their favorite author or a book about music, I recommend The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll. Then put the tickets in the book and make sure they check out the cool bookmark you included.

how to surprise someone with concert ticketsBuy them the CD or vinyl

Another double present. Give them the music, and then tell them how much better it would sound in person. When they knowingly agree, drop the news that you’re going to the show too! This also saves them the trouble of buying music at the show and having to carry it around all night.

Ransom notes are always (usually) fun

Unless they’ve gone through some horrific event, a nice ransom note is always a good time for the concert-going surprise. Grab some magazines and cut out the letters you need to spell, “Come to the [band name] show or else…” Or make it something not so creepy. Reading this after first writing it kinda gives me the willies.

Get them an after-the-concert ticket box how to surprise someone with concert tickets

One of these lil’ gems is the best present you can get any concert-goer besides tickets themselves. They go to a show, they put their ticket in the box, and think about all the good times music has brought them. How do you give them a ticket with this? Obviously, you give them the box and then immediately follow up with something like, “Let me be the first to help you fill it up,” and hand them the tickets. Or however you want, but seriously, get them one of these. I want one.


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Now you know how to surprise someone with concert tickets, and should do so as often as possible. If you need any help in what to bring when you go to a show, I can help ya with that too.

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