how to be more outgoing

Ever go to a concert and wish you could be the life of the party? Meet new people? Just generally be more outgoing? It’s not easy, and it’s definitely something that takes a few practice runs and conscious effort to get the hang of it.

What’re the downsides? Why not think of the upsides instead?! New friends, new experiences, and new memories. Imagine your goal to get over the awkwardness of trying something new. We’ve got some tips on how to be more outgoing at a concert.

How to be more outgoing at a concert

Make a conscious effort to say “yes”

The first step to breaking out of your usual routine and becoming more outgoing at a concert is to say yes to things you wouldn’t normally do.

If you find yourself wanting to say no, stop a moment and think if you actually don’t want to do something, or if you’re just too nervous to try something new. If it’s the latter, why not say yes?

Create (and push) your comfort zone

Find a venue, or genre, or space within concerts that you feel comfortable. A space that, if you have anxiety, you can think, “Ok, I could go do that tonight instead of another season of a new show on Netflix.” From there, you can grow your comfort zone and push your boundaries!

If you like chilling by the back, you can be comfortable in the back area and find friends who have similar interests as you. Don’t settle to just hang out where you enjoy, however. Part of being outgoing is trying new things, which means testing out new venues, new spaces, meeting new people. Start from a place of comfort, but slowly branch out from there.

Brush off the negatives

how to be more outgoingSay you’re testing out something new, and you don’t get the best view of the stage, or one of the dreaded 11 worst people at concerts is rude to you. Take it in stride! Being outgoing is all about taking risks, and it’s okay if everything doesn’t go according to plan. The best thing you can do is shake it off, move forward, and save the vibe of your night.

Find what works for you

Not everything will work for everyone. After you take a night to consciously try to be more outgoing, note how each thing made you feel. Each experience can teach you something new, on what you liked, disliked, and how you can improve. It’s all about taking it one step at a time!