favorite music festival

With Ultra Music Festival happening this weekend, one thing is clear. Festival season is back, baby. 

But every year, it seems like more and more festivals enter the scene. How do you decide which one is right for you? Does every person have that one special festival just waiting for them?

We can assure you that there is a festival for everyone. Whether you’re a basshead, a butterfly, or a burner, there is a festival that fits your personality perfectly. We’re here to help you figure it out.


What does your favorite music festival say about you?


favorite music festival Coachella

You’re a celebrity. Just kidding, you’re an *Instagram* celebrity. Which means you’re most likely very, very good-looking. What are you wearing today? Maybe your flower crown? Or that sun hat so wide it can shelter you and five girlfriends? Will it still be hip in 2018?

You have a Californian spirit. That means you can’t do anything less than 65°F, and you certainly can’t do camping festivals. So it’s best to just get an Airbnb. With that, you’ll wake up every morning clean, beautiful, and Insta-ready. Just make sure that the Airbnb is close to that lit avocado toast spot.


favorite music festival Bonnaroo

Happy ‘Roo! You’re a free-spirited person, who loves the outdoors more than anything. And you don’t mind getting (more than) a little dirty when you’re outside. That’s why camping festivals are your thing. Because who cares if you can’t shower for a few days as long as no one else is showering either?

Whether you’re from the South or not, you pride yourself on your Southern hospitality. Whenever you have camping neighbors, you invite them over for a cold one because nothing’s better than making new friends. Above all, you stay true to the Bonnaroovian code: You radiate positivity, you respect the farm, and you’re never that guy or gal. Stay true, ‘Roo.


favorite music festival Ultra

Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. You’ve been living the Swedish House Mafia mantra as long as you can remember. Electronic music is your life. All of your acquaintances refer to you as that “rave kid.” After all, you are the O.G. rave professional. You can go from stage to stage, set to set, and do it all over again for two more days. The secret is to hydrate. 

What are you wearing today? Everything neon; with strobelight shoes and one of those weird kandi face masks. You brought enough kandi to distribute to all of Miami. You really don’t mind big crowds, as long as everyone’s PLUR.

Electric Forest

favorite music festival Electric Forest

You basshead, you. You’ve seen Bassnectar 47 times, but the 2013 Basslights night #2 set was his best set of all time. He’s only played that Willy Wonka intro like three other times.

That said, a festival means so much more to you than just the bass. It’s about the environment, the people, and the vibes. You need a wide expanse you can explore and get lost in.

What’s your set up for today? Over your dreads, you’re rocking your classic pin hat. You’ve also got your harem pants, a Thai pashmina, and that crystal necklace a guy named Indigo sold you at Shambhala last year. Just be sure to stick around a bit after the festival, ’cause GROUND SCORES!


favorite music festival Movement

*Thump* *thump* *thump* *thump* — There’s nothing more addictive than that 128 bpm kick. Techno is your life.

You hate the corporate monster that EDM has become. You yearn for the warehouse rave days of old, where the party would go all night into early tomorrow afternoon. 

For your outfit, you don’t need any of that neon crap. All you need is your black jeans, black shirt, black shoes, and black hat. Oh, and you’ll definitely need black sunglasses for the after parties in the middle of the night.

Burning Man

favorite music festival burning man

Congratulations, you’ve transcended the list. Burning Man isn’t even a music festival. It’s a Mecca of fiery souls creating their world from the ground up, then packing it all up without a trace. You’ve decided to give up your materialistic existence and embrace the existential journey that is Burning Man.

Today, like yesterday, you’ll be rocking a vintage top hat, a pair of sand goggles, a cheetah-print onesie, and your best birkenstocks. From the distance, you could probably be mistaken with one of those soldier guys from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Fyre Festival

favorite music festival fyre

You’ve been on the island for 10, nearly 11, months now. You’ve been surviving on Chex Mix and stale Wonder Bread, but at this point, all hope of survival is nearly gone.

But it’ll be okay, Kendall said she would be bring Pepsi. She’s coming, right? Oh, what went wrong? What are we? Humans? Animals? Savages?

Which festivals did we forget? Did we get something wrong when guessing your personality? Let us know on Twitter.