Hello “extreme music” lovers or those who want to know our secret.

When I say “extreme music,” I mean everything from metal to punk to electronic to rap to just plain hardcore rock. Extreme is a general term that others will label our heavier tuneage because it probably makes them just a little uncomfortable.

As one of the “extreme music” listeners, I do assume that anyone who actually listens to it doesn’t call it extreme, they just call it music, because I do. Those of us in this magical category of music listener are often the happiest people.

5 Reasons Why Extreme Music
Listeners are Happier

extreme music1. We Listen To Music

It’s a scientific fact that people who listen to music are happier, there’ve been studies. But for those of us into “extreme music,” we don’t just listen to whatever is on the radio, we search for it. Scouring the internet, friends, databases, new music, old music, we thrive on being one of the first to hear a new band. And then we devour it. We don’t just listen to music when it’s on, somewhere around us. We consume it and it sustains us.

extreme music2. We’re Rewarded Daily

There’s so much music in the world that you don’t know what you don’t know exists. There are a lot of genres of music out there and a lot of “extreme music” genres inside of that. We search music out, and usually, we’re rewarded daily with new songs, albums, or even new artists entirely because of it. Since we actively search out the new tunes, across multiple languages, locations, and genres, we’re rewarded more often. This pleases us.

extreme music3. We Can Feel Our Music

No matter how loud you turn up some music, it will not vibrate your entire body. Most of the “extreme music” out there you’re going to feel in your chest. You’re not going to just listen to it quietly. That body shaking power is going to rumble the sad out of you. Yes, there’s sad extreme music, but even the saddest extreme is still danceable or completely capable of rocking your brain into a smile.

extreme music4. We Get The Aggression Out In Our Ears

This one can go in two different directions, a) in our ears, or b) on the dance floor. But it isn’t just “extreme music,” it’s aggressive extreme music. All of the anger and rage comes out in the tunes, not out into the world. Some of my music might sound like a demon is screaming at me, but when I speak, I’m eloquent and usually quite personable. The aggression doesn’t need to come out because it’s already been dispersed through my eardrums and body.

extreme music5. We Recognize Each Other

“Extreme music” listeners can more often than not be recognized by other listeners of the type. This usually involves the infamous band shirt that puts a smile on any viewers face. It’s the from-a-distance-recognition that many of us have. There’s just something about “extreme music” that normally brings black shirts, of which you can only read when you get close enough. And with a head nod, your entire day can be made.

Most of the above isn’t scientifically backed, but when you think about it, the most extreme music is a physical experience that changes its listener.

No matter what kind of music you like, embracing it and listening to it probably makes you happy. It’s just, “extreme music” listeners have a special bond. If it’s just listening to it, finding it, or recognizing another fan on the street—music makes everyone happier.

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