Electronic Artists Twitter

Before finstas, there was Twitter.

Ah, Twitter. It’s a weird place to visit—there’s self-deprecating humor, there are social revolutions, there are puppies. For Twitter users, it’s the place they see memes before they makes it to Instagram. For those who never took part in the glory that I commonly refer to as “the tweet machine,” I’ve made a list of electronic artists that cover the good, the bad, and the weird of Twitter. It’s almost a starter pack of who to follow to understand the personalities and online landscape of the electronic music scene.

OOKAY (@Ookay)

He regularly posts memes about other DJs (I’m looking at you, Herobust) and often discusses conspiracy theories. I wouldn’t say his Twitter feed makes the most logical sense, but despite that he maintains a cohesive brand personality. A weird one, but cohesive.

Jai Wolf (@JaiWolfx)

Ah… Jai Wolf. He’s got one of the most clearly defined Twitter personas with the heart of that coming down to Twitter beef and political activism. He clearly cares about the social fabric of society today, as evidence by his repeated attempts to raise awareness on real issues such as Planned Parenthood funding.

On the flip side of that, he regularly gets in Twitter fights with other artists. He’s someone you have to stay up to date with because after the fight’s over, it’s usually deleted. But man, if you catch a live one… cook up some popcorn. It’ll get good.

Chet Porter (@chetporter)

I would describe him as “the proud victim of online bullying by his closest friends.” He also posts self-deprecating tweets about being homeless.

Lil Hank (@itslilhank)

Who is “Lil Hank”? As far as I can tell, he’s a Pomeranian who stole your girl and is now producin’.  Anyone with intel on who the producer is behind this pooch let us know on our Twitter. Hank, if you’re reading this, let’s do an exclusive interview.

Ghastly (@Ghastly)

This one’s a no brainer. He’s got grade-A selfies. If you want the other side of Twitter fights, this is a must-follow. He does not hold back.

DJ Hanzel (@TheRealDjHanzel)

For those of you unaware, DJ Hanzel is the alter ego of Dillon Francis. He frequently roasts other DJs, including Dillon Francis himself.


Ghostly (@ghostly)

I know this isn’t an artist. It doesn’t matter. If you’re following any electronic account, this is the account to follow. They post music news and… well, I don’t really understand the persona of “Ghostly After Dark,” or GAD, but I love it.

Anyone you think I should follow but missed? Let me know on Twitter (@jukely).

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