Ever want to go eat something, drink something, find a place online with great reviews, and realize that it’s way fancier than you wanted? This is happy hour without all the trappings. Just some good cheap eats and cheap drinks.

Poison Girl

Poison Girl

Dark dive bars are great, but sometimes they can also be a bit oppressive. Poison Girl features a nice outdoor patio, perfect for the warmer months and your vitamin D levels. You can’t go wrong with $2 wells and $3 draft beer with a small, but excellent rotating selection. The biggest draw is the whiskey.

1641 Westheimer Road, Suite B
Houston, TX 77006

Sunny’s Bar

Sunny's Bar

Did you know that there is a regulation size for professional foosball? Now that you do, settle for nothing less. Sunny’s Bar has regulation foosball tables, a jukebox, karaoke, and $1 jello shots. Everything you could ever need.

902 Capitol Street
Houston, TX 77002

La Calle Tacos

La Calle Taco

There are exactly three things about La Calle Tacos that earned it this place on this list. First, they have a happy hour from 3 PM to 7 PM. Two, that happy hour is also applicable to tacos, $1 tacos. Three, they’re open until 3 AM, so even once last call is over, last call for tacos isn’t for another hour.

909 Franklin Street
Houston, TX 77002

Grand Prize Bar

Grand Prize Bar

Admittedly, this bar is a little more of a “faux-dive” than an actual dive bar, but it’s still in a bit of a hidden spot and definitely has a local, very hip feel. There are even cocktails with names like “Weekend at Bernie Sanders.” Plus, it’s dog-friendly, which is always a winning policy.

1010 Banks Street
Houston, TX 77006

Lola’s Depot

Lola's Depot

Make this your go-to Tuesday spot. Why? Because we’re talking all day happy hour, that’s why. At $1.75 for well drinks you can drink like it’s the weekend without having to sell your kidney (or whatever it is people do for money nowadays… jobs?).

2327 Grant Street
Houston, TX 77006

Three Sheets Bar & Grill

Three Sheets

The attraction at Three Sheets Bar & Grill is the karaoke. Well, and the karaoke lubricant they also sell. They’ve got $2.75 Wells and $2.50 domestics, and an all day happy hour on Wednesdays, so the day after you’re at Lola’s, you can come here and do it all over again.

1900 South Kirkwood Drive
Houston, TX 77077



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