Why do we go to concerts? The easy answer: music.

The more in depth answer: to have fun alongside an amazing crowd, while listening to a band we love play great songs that sound even more amazing in person.

Simple enough, right? It seems obvious, but it’s not always easy to find the perfect concert experience.

One might look to large venues for the perfect solution. The best technology, the most devout fans, legendary bands playing the hits… Ideal, right? Well, not exactly.

What small venues lack in space, they gain in concert value. Think of a small venue as a compressed version of a large venue. It contains all of the same elements and compresses them into a more refined and less-cluttered space. The same energy, the same joy, the same everything.

For the truest and most enjoyable concert experience, smaller venues are the way to go. Here are four reasons why:

1. You’re closer to the band

getting real close

For starters, it’s always nice to literally be standing closer to the band playing. It’s cool to see musicians you love in person, but it’s way cooler to be able to observe the lines on their face. See their instruments, see the beads of sweat dripping down their face, and the glistening of guitar strings in the light.

2. The sound

this guy is explaining technology, but it's really the room that makes a difference

Technology does not maximize sound quality. The room does. While the equipment is obviously important, the room itself is what brings the sound to the audience’s ear. Smaller venues have less open space for the music to travel, leading to a more full, more powerful sound.

3. The energy

literally right in the guitarist's face

Small venues also pack in way more energy than large venues. The air seems heavier.

Think of it this way: the more bodies there are, the more energy they absorb. Meaning, the closer you are to the band, the more energy you’ll feel from the music. In a large venue, those in the back of the crowd get almost all sound with no energy. In a small venue, everyone hears and feels the music at almost the same rate. That energy gets recycled back into the air, creating a more lively crowd that is in tune with the band, and in tune with one another. It’s a more shared, connected, and more enjoyable experience.

4. Intimacy

everybody squeeze in tight

The sights, sounds, and energy create a more intimate experience. Which leads us to the overall goal of any concert: connection.

Music, like anything, is about connection. People are always seeking connection, and bands/crowds are always made of people. Connection is easier made with less clutter—less space, a smaller crowd, and less technological distractions. Connection is easier made in small venues.

With intimacy comes trust and with trust comes love. And yes, I’m still talking about music…

Love your music and connect. The most enjoyable concert is the one where you are most connected.

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