I added these guys to my Spotify Daily-Go-To playlist back in February, so when I saw they were coming to town, I had to reach out for an interview. But here’s the thing, when I went to their Facebook page, I saw that they have under 10k likes. On their Twitter, under a thousand.

I’m not saying this to poke fun, I’m saying this because they deserve a ton more.

The song that proves it? “Alive.”

Everything about it just works. It’s got a psychedelic vibe, old school cool, a drummer who wails, fun synths, a singer who’s speaking directly into your brain, and just an overall good time. After you listen, I know what you’re thinking, you want to go to Spotify/Apple/Tidal/whatever and listen to everything else. But you get there and there’s only four songs (one of which is a remix).

Do not be sad!

Their debut full-length is coming in two months! Mark your calendar for October 20th, 2017.

Play “Alive” until you can’t play it no mo’ and you’ll be prepared for the new record. In the meantime, check out the interview below and go see them at Baby’s All Right two nights in a row (get a spot on the list using the link after the interview below).

First up, you’ve got an incredible sound. How would you describe yourselves? Alternative? Rock? Electro-psych-rock?

Samuel Shea: While their are some elements of psychedelia I don’t consider us a psych-rock band and really hate being lumped in with the acid-eating, tie-dye-wearing sum.

Julien O’neill: It’s rock music, sub-genres vary from person to person depending on what they’re familiar with. To some, everything with a guitar sounds like The Strokes.

Dan Gerbang: Thank you. I tell people it’s a rock and roll band and let them figure out the rest.

In July you did five stops in China. Next month you’ve got a month residency in London. How did they come to be? And what was the reception in China like?

Samuel: The tour in China through came through Muhan Guan who is living between Beijing and London. She has a new company that is bringing American bands to China and did a great job with promoting the shows.

We were on tour with another Chinese rock band, the shows were all well attended and the reception was fantastic. The residency in London was set up by our manager and Bad Vibrations (a prominent London promo company).

Dan: Yeah. They are a combination of the grandiose ideas of our camp and random opportunity arising. Whatever’s the craziest and most challenging is kinda what we gravitate toward.

What’s been your favorite stop on the tour so far, and what are you most looking forward to? 

Samuel: Shanghai was insane. The city feels like New York City times ten. That was my favorite crowd in China by far.

In the states my favorite stop was Appleton, WI. We just played there at a festival called Mile of Music and it was very similar to SXSW.

Julien: Playing in China was pretty remarkable all around. Next, I’m really looking forward to finally getting our music to the UK.

Dan: We just played a show in Chicago and we are developing a really nice family there. It’s starting to feel a bit like home for me when we get to the venue and see these familiar faces from our first show ever in Chicago. [I find myself] making sure they are there.

You’re hitting up Baby’s All Right for two nights (August 8th and 9th), does it feel like coming home here in New York?

Samuel: Its fun to play New York, I always get a bit of the “coming home” feeling when we’re crossing the Hudson into the city.

Baby’s All Right is a venue that I’ve played a lot starting with the opening night during CMJ a few years back. We love them and wouldn’t want to do this anywhere else. All that said, I always spend time to mentally prepare for New York being the hardest crowd to please in the US. Maybe it’s got something to do with the daily grind of the city bringing everyone down or maybe it’s because 50% of concert goers are pretentious fucks. We’re going to have a good time either way!

Julien: It’s so different now that it doesn’t feel like the home I remember at all. LA to this point has been kinder and more influential for me than New York ever has been.

That all being said, I still have a great appreciation for the city and am excited to play at our favorite venue.

Dan: New York has never been my home, but I have had some really wild times there. Baby’s is a great venue and it’s been a second home of sorts to Sam and Jules. It’s cool to start to tie into their history with the space.

The debut album is coming out in October, what can listeners expect?

Samuel: 37 minutes of 150 mph.

Julien: Something not totally expected.

Dan: If you didn’t catch our LA residency then some of the places we go might surprise you.

What’s everybody’s favorite track on the new album?

Samuel: “Keep Pushin'”

Julien: “Keep Pushin'”

Dan: “Keep Pushin'”

Music opens doors, what’s the strangest door it’s opened for you? 

Samuel: Going to China.

Julien: Having a job I actually like.

Dan: Meeting and working with Jeff Lynne.

What’s each of your desert island albums (you can take one album with you and only one)?

Samuel: Exile.

Julien: Hunky Dory.

Dan: Quincy Jones’ The Dude.

You’ve only been a band for two years, how did you come to be, and what do you owe all the success to?

Samuel: Jules and I took about six months before those two years doing some initial writing. Some songs stuck but for the most part we were finding our stylistic direction.

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we’ve been working our ass off on this band from day one and that why things are going the way they are. If you’re serious about making music and aren’t spending at least 40 hours a week working on your band then you’re wasting your time.

Julien: Persistence.

Dan: We’ve all been working at music our whole lives. That led us to mutual friends, which led us to each other. Chemistry in a group is crucial as is momentum. If the machine slows for a second it starts to breakdown, so we’ve learned to keep moving. Always.

What’s next for Warbly Jets?

Samuel: Were currently wrapping up writing for the second record while we’re on the road. The plan is to get some of that down while in London in September and then wrap it up in December back in LA at the studio we work out of.

Julien: Finishing another record.

Dan: Head to Europe for a bit, finish the next record, and go say hi to a few countries we haven’t played for yet.

Catch them two nights in a row!
Where: Baby’s All Right
When: August 8th and August 9th
What time: 10:30 PM

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