All G-house fans know that the place to go for the best artists in the genre is… Russia?

Okay, Russia may not be your first thought (or your second… or third) but it is where VOLAC is from, and considering their meteoric ascent in the genre, perhaps Russia really is the new G-house hotbed.

VOLAC in human formThe duo, made up of Stas and Sasha, combine sounds from across the house spectrum with a rap and hip-hop to create a unique and energetic take on G-house. Many of their new releases and collaboration are presented on their podcast, which is animated with characters that, while based on their creators, have started to take on a life of their own.

Ahead of their upcoming No Love Tour, which will be the duo’s first time in both Australia and the US, we got a chance to catch up with them on their music, their cartoons, and what’s each other’s strangest tour habit.

What sparked your initial interest in music?

The electronic music came to us around 2006 with tracks like Mylo’s “Drop the Pressure” and Michael Gray’s “Weekend to Begin.” And we started to follow house music. In 2011, we discovered something like hip-hop house; some people called it G-house. After that we started making something between our favorite genres, house and hip-hop.

You’re probably most well known for your podcast, “VOLACAST.” How did that come about?

We have a lot of guys who we respect and support frequently. That’s why we decided to create something interesting and funny to unite our musical tastes with other artists.

The cartoons that accompany your music are also very interesting. How did you start doing this?

We wanted to make our podcast unique. We’ve seen Gorillaz cartoons on TV and decided to make something like this. Then we were looking for a style around 2-3 months…

Now though, every guest of our podcast is very happy to be drawn in Volac’s style.

One of our favorite projects of yours was “What I Got” which you did with Destructo. What was it like working with him?

Destructo and us, we came from G-house. He’s often supported and played our tracks. That is why we decided to make something with him. He definitely knows how to combine rap/hip-hop and house music. We exchanged ideas with him and that gave birth to “What I Got.”

What kind of music, outside of your own genre, do you most enjoy listening to?

This is definitely hip-hop. We have been listening to hip-hop since childhood. Hip-hop culture leaves a strong mark on our creativity. When we are on tour or just relaxing, hip-hop is the second genre after house music that we listen to.

As a duo, you probably spend a lot of time together. What do you think is the other’s strangest habit?

Sasha likes to make videos of police in every country. Stas always goes shopping anywhere we tour.

What’s the best part about working with Night Bass? Has working with them helped elevate your music?

Night Bass is great label. We always loves to release tracks there. Night Bass is not just a label – this is a family. We also respect AC Slater and the Night Bass team because they give a chance for young talent with their releases.

What advice do you have for artists looking to follow in your footsteps?

Try to find inspiration in everything that surrounds you.

Who’s your dream collaborator?

A$AP Rocky *laughs*

What are you most excited about for your upcoming tour?

We’ve never been in Australia and the USA. That’s why we are excited about everything is this tour. It will be one of the best impressions in our life. Fa sho!

What’s next for you?

You can expect many good releases from us. Our “Wait A Minute” track will be released in the Night Bass Vol. 5 compilation. Also we’ve just finished a collab with Brazilian producer Rrotik with vocals by Australian dude Stace Cadet – this track will be a banger. And, of course we will drop a FREE DOWNLOAD track in August.

No Love Tour US Dates

August 3rd – EOS Lounge – Santa Barbara, CA
August 4th – Maya Day & Nightclub – Scottsdale, AZ
August 5th – Bang Bang – San Diego, CA
August 6th – HARD Fest – Fontana, CA
August 8th – TBA
August 9th – La Cave – Orange County, CA
August 10th – Ethics Music Lounge – Austin, TX
August 11th – The Mid – Chicago, IL
August 12th – Flash – Washington, DC
August 13th – Elements Festival – New York, NY

Visit their website for tickets and more info.

VOLAC No Love USA Tour poster

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