Rusty Hook

Remember when we told you Rusty Hook was someone to keep your eye on this fall? Well, he’s back with a brand new single, “Everything,” from his forthcoming EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance.

“Everything” features vocals from artist Ria and starkly contrasts his previous single, the mellow “Relief” and its R&B accents, from the same EP. This new song, out now on Moving Castle, is fast-paced, dark, and passionate.

His inspiration for this single stems from his passion and experience in all forms of music:

“Everything” is the first song I started for the EP. It’s one of the first songs I ever recorded guitar on. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11, but never considered using it in my music until this track. Though I personally don’t think there’s really any greater merit to be found in using a guitar versus a virtual instrument, I’ve found that having both helped a lot with balancing the sound of “Everything” as well as some of my other music. Working on this track made me understand the importance of having acoustic elements in my music. I feel like the organic elements help people who aren’t familiar with electronic music to understand it. Also, using a real guitar with an electronic amplifier allows you to get all the ‘realness’ and human mistakes that come with it, but then you can always do whatever you want to make it sound different and original. That’s what “Everything” helped me realize and is exactly what I find beautiful in electronic music.”

Rusty Hook feat Ria Everything single cover

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