Rusty Hook

Rusty Hook, also known as Guillame Costes, is a young producer from Agen, a small town in the southwest of France. He’s grown quickly on the music scene, centering around a divergent sound that draws upon alternative rock, American hip-hop, and French electronic music. He’s garnered a large following with a total of over 17 million streams alone, and the praise of Skrillex, Madeon, What so Not, and more.

And, good news everyone. With his debut solo EP Romance is Dead, Good Riddance soon to be released on Moving Castle, he’s given us a taste of his sound to come with single “Relief” with producer duo Truitt.


“I’m so proud of “Relief” – it has this R&B feel that I love, while it has this strong electronic side that you can hear in the second half of the song, making it very powerful and dynamic.” – Rusty Hook

With this single, his debut EP should be one you’ll hear a lot of this fall.

Rusty Hook's Relief single cover

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