KRANE is on tour with NGHTMRE and Slander as part of the “Gud Vibrations” Tour, but he took some time to have a chat with Four Over Four.

What’s the meaning behind the name “KRANE”?

When I started producing, I had no intention of making it a career, let alone becoming a known DJ. I just wanted a hobby after I got off work. Soundcloud used to prevent people from having the same usernames as others, and Krane [my last name] was taken. So: KRANE. Much like this whole music thing, I didn’t really think it through at the time, or consider that I’d actually make a career out of it. I’m quite happy I was off in my predictions. Maybe I’ll try and stick the “A” back in there one day.

You’re from Oakland, which has been the subject of some tragic events lately. Can you talk to us about the Oakland that you know and love, and what makes it special to you? Let’s call it 3 things you love the most. 

First, the access to the whole Bay Area. Minutes to get into San Francisco, an hour to get to amazing nature, the beach, mountains, skiing… I love the city but love the outdoors more so being able to escape is probably my number one.

Second, Oakland is quickly becoming where people who feel pushed out of San Francisco. It’s significantly cheaper (though quickly becoming more expensive) so it feels like theres this exodus of young people who don’t make six figure tech salaries migrating to Oakland.

Last, my hood of Oakland feels like a community, which is odd for a city. But it’s not very urban in most parts, and most people on my block have been there for 20+ years. Everyone says “hi” as they pass you by.

You’ve been on the road a lot this year, which was the most memorable show and why? 

I think playing Webster Hall was one of the most memorable. I can’t recall a crowd more receptive and excited about the music I brought. The energy was palpable.

Photo credit: Alex Abaunza

Prior to pursuing music full time you were a graphic designer. The cover art for your releases seem to follow a pattern, is there a hidden message or meaning?

Gotta correct you – I was a product designer. But used a lot of the same software graphics people use, and always made imagery since I was a kid. There’s no hidden message, but I do want to create a mood around my music and fitting it to the imagery is really important to me. Im excited to transition it into merchandise, and really do some cool designs.

Something crucial you learned from launching your collaborative platform SESSIONS?

It takes more than skill. Right now I have 50+ rough demos from the most recent submissions (and growing) from producers nobody has heard of that I’ve flagged that are amazing. Any of these tracks is gonna make an amazing song. It goes to show that if you slack off, theres hundreds of producers ready to fill your shoes, so you gotta cultivate more than just a sound. It’s gotta be a whole story, a community, whatever else. Aside from that, I pickup new production methods with every track because everyone does things differently. That’s perhaps the most selfishly rewarding part.

Which track to come out of it so far is your favorite?

That’s like asking a parent who’s your favorite child!.. Quartzz, though.

When can we expect your collaboration with Ekali to come out? 

Me and Ekali have been honing this track – almost every night one of us is playing a new version, a diff take on the drop etc. So it’ll come out soon, but not before it’s perfect and road tested. We are both highly passionate about the details and the craft. I think this one will represent that big time.


What are you most excited for in 2017?

Got some great music in the works – an album full of new sounds, some rad collabs with the likes of Keys n Krates n Graves and a few more I’ll leave unnamed. I’m just so grateful this thing as gotten as far as it has, and if for 2017 I get to make more music, play more shows, see more of the country through music then I’m a happy camper.

Any closing statements?

Just thank you. To people like you that wanna support me through media. To people that listen to my tunes, share them, and come to shows. I’m going to keep working as hard as I have to try and bring more music out in exchange.

Check out KRNE’s album “Debris” here: