Swiss-native Maurizio Colella, aka EDX, has helped build the culture of electronic dance music for over 25 years. From headlining the best clubs and festivals around the world to working with some of the biggest names in the industry like Kaskade, Deadmau5, Armand Van Helden, Steve Angello, and more. 

EDX spoke with Four Over Four on his start as a producer and how the youth of our generation of producers is shaping the next wave of dance music.

Let’s start with your hometown, Zurich. How has the Swiss culture helped shape who you are today, as a person and an artist? 

It’s been a privilege to grow up in Switzerland, especially Zurich is an amazing city to live in. It always was a great city for clubbing and the techno subculture was always ahead.

I was part of its first steps and was able to grow and experience it together with so many great people. It’s now a nearly 30 year lasting movement and it will never stop. It’s became very diverse and the city has such a great charm to me.

How did you get introduced to house music?

So I met some friends in Zurich, while I was studying, who had their own studios. They introduced me into this whole new world, and I was hooked quite quickly, as I was just in awe of how free you could be and how cool it was to experiment with different sounds. My early musical influences were actually not from dance music but my love for other styles like classical and rock.

If you could collaborate with one legendary artist, who would it be?

I’m not a guy of collaborations. If you look back at my discography, there aren’t that many collaborations. I used to write music with mates back in the day, but I usually try and target local artists. However, my first collaboration was with Kaskade on his track called “Angel On My Shoulder,” which was his biggest hit. I wouldn’t pick someone from this generation – I’d like someone from the previous generation, such as Marvin Gaye or Barry White.

Top three must-haves when traveling on tour?

Well I guess these days my smart phone with a lot of data and all needed social media gadgets, my pen-drive with lots of music, and a portable microphone to record my weekly radio show with. Guess there are more than three must have… 🙂

You’ve been producing and touring for over 25 years now. How does it feel to be working alongside a new generation of artists and what’s one thing you’ve learned over the years that they should know?

I think being able to experience this music movement from day one, being part of the evolution for over two decades shown me that is very important to work hard and wait for the moment when music turns towards you. It’s wrong to try to follow trends and even more important to try to become a leader and not a follower.

The new generation has grown up with a complete different approach to electronics and over society, this a very interesting point and always challenging for people like me that have been able to experience already more than only one wave. I love to talk and work with either the new generation and as well the OGs of this industry.

Tell us a bit about your radio show No Xcuses. How did that come together and whats the toughest part about discovering new music today?

It’s simply a blessing to be able to run a weekly radio show and give back something for free to your fans all over the world. Each episode gets downloaded thousands of time each day and has been a amazing installment in my journey. Especially the fact that you want always to be a trendsetter with your music and not just someone following trends, makes this a weekly challenge I really love to take. It’s simply amazing to check out music and then once a week put the all together in a mix.

I still remember when I started many years ago. I can only be thankful for all people out there listening to the show weekly and helping along the journey. Especially SiriusXM was there from day one a great, so thankful.

Any tracks you’ve heard recently that got you excited or inspired?

Not that many, to be sincere, but I really love MAKE LOVE’s remake by Dutch artist Joe Stone, brings back a lot of memories. I wish music would go more disco and melodic over this winter.

What can your fans expect in 2017? New music?

Hopefully great moments together, more music, more touring and a happy life! 😉

Any closing thoughts?

I can’t just repeat again, how much this journey and music has given back to me since day one, it’s simply a blessing to work with music and travel the world. So thankful!

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