There is no slowing down in sight for this Staten Island native. Since his move to New Jersey, which kickstarted his career as a DJ and influencer in the Jersey club community, he has gone on to remixing tracks from DJ Snake, to The Chainsmokers, to Major Lazer.

His sets cover several styles of dance music and express the energy that the scene needs today. This year at HARD Summer, 4B attracted the second-most attendees to the Green Stage, laying down the best of Jersey club, bass, and trap.

Four Over Four spoke to him on his approach as an artist and what’s coming next.

Check out his set from HARD Summer:

Growing up in Staten Island, what was the music culture like? What was the first show you attended?

I come from a huge family, mostly Italian, so disco was always big. My parents are pretty young, so both of them liked ’80s freestyle and ’90s hip hop. My first show I ever attended was *NSYNC.

Best city you’ve traveled to and do you have a wish list of places you would like to play in the future?

I really love Asia. Thailand, South Korea, and Japan are definitely in my top five. I really would like to play more in Europe.

You’re most known for incorporating the sounds of Jersey club music into your productions. What separates / makes you unique from the other producers?

I think I incorporate Jersey club into my production a bit differently. Most Jersey club, I think, comes from hip hop and mine is more house/dance based.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not producing or on tour?

Sleep, cook, and eat.

Whats the funniest or most interesting experience you’ve had at one of your shows so far?

I had someone propose to his girlfriend on stage in LA in front of a sold-out crowd.

You recently performed at HARD Summer. Can you tell us about your experience at HARD and what it meant to you for your career?

HARD was awesome. I have a strong West Coast following. It was definitely the highlight of my summer.

4B at HARD
Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2017

If you had to choose one track, what would you say is the song of the summer?

French Montana’s “Unforgettable.”

Any new music in the pipeline that you can reveal?

Lots of new original music; brand new remix for Skrillex as well.

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