Here's where you can find out about new music releases with our weekly new music Friday features, as well as where you can find other sorts of playlists, both exclusive and... not.

new music friday

New Music Friday releases: Anderson .Paak, Eyedress, Whethan & more

For those of you still looking for the elusive Christmas album you can get behind featured on New Music Friday, look no further: Tyler, the Creator has...
new music friday sandro cavazza

New Music Friday releases: Leikeli47, Objekt, Sandro Cavazza & more

One of these days, I'm going to sneak a Christmas album into New Music Friday. Not today, but one of these days... Anyways, this week made for a...
new music friday

Here’s the music you should listen to this week, in New Music Friday form

New Music Friday is back and better than ever with some solid indie and rap releases this week. Despite the overwhelming amount of Christmas albums released this...
new music friday

New Music Friday is here and *poof* I disappear

On this, the last New Music Friday of October, I've got good news and I've got bad news. First, the good news, there's a ton of great...
halloween songs

10 classic Halloween songs to soundtrack your spooky party

With fall pretty much in full swing, you're finally allowed to begin saying it's the holiday season. While a lot of people assume the holiday season focuses...
new music friday

New Music Friday is not clowning around this week

Why are people afraid of clowns? They're just people with silly makeup on, right? There's nothing to really fear. New Music Friday is also something you shouldn't fear. Would you...
new music friday

Our New Music Friday senses are tingling

We've possibly got a superhero situation on our hands New Music Friday listeners! If you're looking for the best music hitting the streams this week, you have...
new music friday

New Music Friday is scary good this week

For me, as soon as October 1st hits, it's pretty much Halloween all month long. Next week is Thanksgiving. And the week after that is Christmas. Have...
new music friday

Don’t leaf September without this New Music Friday

The next time we chat it will be October. I don't know where the summer went or September for that matter, but they're a thing of the...
new music friday

New Music Friday is in the ears of the beholder

This week's got ten artists for you to snack on heading into the weekend and beyond. You'll find everything from metal to punk to old-school love songs...

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