Here's where you can find out about new music releases with our weekly new music Friday features, as well as where you can find other sorts of playlists, both exclusive and... not.

new music friday

Don’t leaf September without this New Music Friday

The next time we chat it will be October. I don't know where the summer went or September for that matter, but they're a thing of the...
new music friday

New Music Friday is in the ears of the beholder

This week's got ten artists for you to snack on heading into the weekend and beyond. You'll find everything from metal to punk to old-school love songs...
new music friday

Get your Walkman ready, it’s New Music Friday

Wait, you don't have a Walkman? What about an 8-track player? No? If you're buying these all on record it's going to be expensive, even CDs are going...
new music friday

The pen(guin) is mightier than the sword on New Music Friday

New Music Friday, you have been missed since last week. But it's okay. Everything is right in the world now that you're here. We've got a princess,...
new music friday

You’re wheelie going to like this New Music Friday

For the last New Music Friday of August we're giving you pure gold. You're probably going to want to put some time aside and really tune in...
New Music Friday

Smile, it’s New Music Friday

With so much new music coming out this week, you really have no choice but to throw a smile on your face and get down with the...
new music friday

This New Music Friday is on lockdown

Get it? Because there are locks in the picture. But anywho... This New Music Friday is loaded up with the best new tunes of the week and...
new music friday

New Music Friday is here, doll face

How creepy is that picture, right? But don't worry, I've picked the best music of the week to counterbalance the weirdness of the photo above. Everything from poppy,...
new music friday

Holy cow, it’s New Music Friday!

New Music Friday has everything this week! Solo projects, psychedelic jam bands, uplifting groups, down-trodden, and everything in between. That's the beauty about New Music Friday, you...

Ewe are going to love this New Music Friday

Can ewe believe that it's already the end of July? By the time the next New Music Friday hits it will be August. But thankfully, we've got...

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