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Here's where you can find out about new music releases with our weekly new music Friday features, as well as where you can find other sorts of playlists, both exclusive and... not.

new music friday

Iguana show you this week’s New Music Friday

This week's New Music Friday is the epitome of eclectic, bringing punk, to pop, to fusion, to a Grammy-nominated guitar duo. It's got a little of everything...
new music friday

New Music Friday is in the ears of the beholder

This week's got ten artists for you to snack on heading into the weekend and beyond. You'll find everything from metal to punk to old-school love songs...

Your New Music Friday bill is now available

And it's money. Get it? Because bills are money. No? We've got some rock, some Americana, electropop, and more! One for every day of the week. Enjoy! Will Hoge - Anchors I'm...

New Music Friday releases: Vic Mensa, Gryffin, Netsky, Charlotte Gainsbourg & more

We're starting to wind up the last of the New Music Friday releases as the end of 2018  nears, so it's no surprised artists are trying to...
new music Friday

It’s NEW. It’s MUSIC. It’s FRIDAY!

Is there anything better than having a short work week where you get to spend some time with the three F's? That's a rhetorical question. The only thing better...

9 Music Releases We’re Feeling this Week

It's officially Autumn! And although it's a bitter sweet farewell to the cloudless sunny skies, long-winded beach trips, summer Fridays, and general mental happiness, it's a...
new music friday

Our New Music Friday senses are tingling

We've possibly got a superhero situation on our hands New Music Friday listeners! If you're looking for the best music hitting the streams this week, you have...
Spotify playlists featuring the artists from upcoming Jukely shows in every city.

What will your city sound like this week?

Introducing Spotify playlists for weekly Jukely shows!   Play and subscribe to your city's playlist to keep up with what's coming to town on Jukely. Each of the playlists below is comprised entirely...

9 releases to put you in the best mood possible

Whatchya doin'? Need some tunes to put you in a super good mood? We got you covered. Check out what we're jammin' to here in the Jukely office, and...

8 Releases We’re Feeling this Week

And we're back at it again, with eight fresh of the press new tracks that debuted this week. If we don't see you at our #JukelySoundProjects...

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