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Here's where you can find out about new music releases with our weekly new music Friday features, as well as where you can find other sorts of playlists, both exclusive and... not.

Your New Music Friday bill is now available

And it's money. Get it? Because bills are money. No? We've got some rock, some Americana, electropop, and more! One for every day of the week. Enjoy! Will Hoge - Anchors I'm...
new music Friday

It’s NEW. It’s MUSIC. It’s FRIDAY!

Is there anything better than having a short work week where you get to spend some time with the three F's? That's a rhetorical question. The only thing better...
New Music Friday

We give this New Music Friday a BIG thumbs up

I know the picture along with this is for someone hitchhiking, but honestly, you're going to want to go on a drive and listen to everything from...


Today is a special day. First, it's Friday, an across the board good day. You only have a few hours left until two days of sweet sweet...
new music friday

New Music Friday is here and *poof* I disappear

On this, the last New Music Friday of October, I've got good news and I've got bad news. First, the good news, there's a ton of great...

7 New Releases That Will Shake Up Your Week

Happy first Friday of November! We can't believe we're already so deep into fall, but, here we are so we may as well make the best...
new music friday

Our New Music Friday senses are tingling

We've possibly got a superhero situation on our hands New Music Friday listeners! If you're looking for the best music hitting the streams this week, you have...

Jukely Staff Picks: Artists You Should Know

It's finally summer! And what does that mean? Rooftops, summer Friday's, weekend day drinking, long trips on the F train down to the beach, and, new,...
New Music Friday

It’s NFM and that means, NEW ALBUMS!

That's right, no matter how you mix it up, it still works. New Friday Music. New Friday Music. Friday New Music. It's still New. It's still music. It's...
new music friday

Get your Walkman ready, it’s New Music Friday

Wait, you don't have a Walkman? What about an 8-track player? No? If you're buying these all on record it's going to be expensive, even CDs are going...

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