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Here's where you can find out about new music releases with our weekly new music Friday features, as well as where you can find other sorts of playlists, both exclusive and... not.

new music friday

This New Music Friday is the sheep

That's right, I said it. And after I said it, I listened to it all and wrote about what I heard. I hope ewe enjoy (see what...
new music friday

Our ducks are in a row and our New Music Friday is stacked

Another week has disappeared, but luckily, now we have a bunch of ducks, neatly stacked, and ready to listen to New Music Friday. We're getting a little...
new music friday

Riding into New Music Friday

This guy's got the right idea! Flying, head first, into the New Music Friday with no cares in the world. He's not even looking ahead of himself,...

Toucan play at that New Music Friday

On this May the 4th, we've got dad jokes involving a beautiful bird! We also have a bunch of incredible jams for New Music Friday. Let's do this! Shakey...
New Music Friday

CHOO CHOO, it’s time to get on the New Music Friday train

ALL ABOARD! The New Music Friday train has arrived and we're making stops in DanceRock, PsychaRock, Indieville, Metalopia, and Electronic Town. Keep your hands inside the train...
new music friday

Paint by New Music Friday

Head into a holiday packed weekend (Record Store Day & Earth Day) with a ton of bands releasing albums after insane holes in their discography. We're talking...

Life’s a beach with this flamingo and New Music Friday

No matter what the temperatures are where you're at, this flamingo has the right idea. Head into this weekend with hot New Music Friday goodness and it'll be...

Welcome back to the New Music Friday show with your host, me

I know. Many of our New Music Friday readers didn't get my magical words last week. For that, I'm sorry. But... now that we're back, how do you...

No matter how you frame it, it’s New Music Friday

Spring has arrived and it's time to start thinking about festival season and the magical time of year when droves of us aim our transportation of choice...

The St. Paddy’s Weekend edition of New Music Friday

First thing's first, it's "St. Paddy's Day" with two D's. The spelling comes from the Irish spelling of Patrick, Pádraig. Hence, an Irish holiday deserves an Irish...

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