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discounted student plan

YouTube Music launches discounted student plan

Final exams for this semester are well on their way, and for many students, their biggest study aid is music. Music seems to help boost productivity and...
artists' payouts

Taylor Swift’s new record deal sets precedent for artists’ payouts

Taylor Swift has never been one to shy away from fighting for what is rightfully hers when it comes to paychecks. You may remember when Taylor boycotted...
Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash | holiday music happiness joy

Does holiday music actually bring joy?

Music can often be the soundtrack to our lives and holiday music is no different. However, because it's so isolated to one particular time of year, it...
smart speakers

Smart speakers skyrocket music consumption and discovery

In a recent study done by AudienceNet, smart speakers are directly impacting music consumption in individuals over the age of 16. It should be no surprise that...
NASA Opportunity Mars Rover data sonification

A Martian sunrise becomes a piece of music thanks to data sonification

A group of scientists from Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Exeter in the U.K. have taken a photo by NASA's Opportunity Mars rover and turned it into...
female guitar players

The future is female for guitar players

A study recently conducted by Fender has revealed a surprising surge in female guitarists. The new study revealed women make up 50% of new guitar players in both...
Toronto's Outside Music and Montreal's Distribution Select

Canada’s two largest independent music distributors are teaming up

Independent Canadian artists and bands rejoice! The nation's two largest independent music distributors, Toronto's Outside Music and Montreal's Distribution Select, are teaming up to offer a more...
Tencent Music HQ Shenzhen

The largest music streaming service you’ve never heard of

The streaming wars have some familiar large players. There's the ubiquitous Spotify (huge subscriber numbers), the surprisingly robust Apple Music (more paying subscribers in the U.S. than...
YouTube Eventbrite partnership

YouTube and Eventbrite try and bring concert tickets to music video watchers

YouTube has been trying to lean into how its users already use the platform by optimizing itself like a music streaming service and trying to compete with...

Your next favorite band might be talent scouted by a machine

In the age of advanced computers we are at the cusp of true artificial intelligence. It should be no surprise that the music industry is tapping into...

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