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All the latest news in concerts, music festivals, nightlife, and the music industry from all of Jukely's cities in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and around the world as well as stories of national interest.

Could a startup be the solution to fixing the problem with music royalties?

Music royalties are a topic of hot discussion: whether it be Taylor Swift's record deal, serving as a leg up for all the artists on...

5 ways to shake up your social life

It's winter, and with less sunshine and activities readily at your disposal, it's not uncommon to feel like you're in a rut. If you feel...
berlin nightlife transit climate change

This city’s nightlife is fighting against climate change

As part of a larger goal to become carbon neutral by 2050, Berlin (You read that right, one of the largest clubbing capitals in the...

Are collaborations hurting or helping women in music?

While diversity might be improving in the U.K., several studies are pointing to a disappointing growing gender gap internationally. BBC and...
Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle and the enduring popularity of Christian and gospel music

Although we all know people don't really buy albums anymore, people stream music, and the Billboard 200 is still an important industry indicator. That's because we also...

Atlanta music industry recoils at proposed studio ordinance

Atlanta is in the midst of a ordinance, requesting that all recording studios are at least 500 feet away from residential areas. The recent violent disputes...

Odesza returns to Red Rocks for 2 shows in 2017

Following off the success of an incredible showing at Red Rocks Amphitheater this past June, Seattle natives Odesza plan to return to the popular venue in May of 2017...
Miami nightclub closures

What’s happening to clubs in Miami and why are they closing?

Recently, you may have noticed a concerning trend in Miami's music scene. Two of the city's notable clubs, Heart Nightclub and Ora Nightclub, both announced their closings....
Avant Chamber Ballet

Another reason why live music is better than recorded music

In 2008, Dallas' Texas Ballet Theater ended the use of a live orchestral accompaniment, citing financial strain and a decline in attendance. They were one of the last major...
Glastonbury Festival

What to do instead of Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury Festival is one of the tentpole events in the U.K.'s concert season. Unfortunately, as you may or may not know already, there will be no Glastonbury...

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