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All the latest news in concerts, music festivals, nightlife, and the music industry from all of Jukely's cities in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and around the world as well as stories of national interest.

Are collaborations hurting or helping women in music?

While diversity might be improving in the U.K., several studies are pointing to a disappointing growing gender gap internationally. BBC and...
berlin nightlife transit climate change

This city’s nightlife is fighting against climate change

As part of a larger goal to become carbon neutral by 2050, Berlin (You read that right, one of the largest clubbing capitals in the...

Could a startup be the solution to fixing the problem with music royalties?

Music royalties are a topic of hot discussion: whether it be Taylor Swift's record deal, serving as a leg up for all the artists on...

5 ways to shake up your social life

It's winter, and with less sunshine and activities readily at your disposal, it's not uncommon to feel like you're in a rut. If you feel...
Spotify mute

Spotify unveils ‘mute’ option for users to silence artists

In a world where technology allows customization beyond your wildest hopes and dreams, where all content is at your fingertips, there seemed to be something...
RPM, vinyl

Canadian Independent distributor RPM ceases operations suddenly

The largest Canadian distributor of vinyl, RPM, abruptly and unexpectedly closed up shop earlier this month with little to no explanation as to why the company will...
shopping behavior

Your shopping behavior is affected by brands’ playlists

You probably notice how certain environmental aspects affect your shopping behavior. Does a store feel cluttered? Is there an overwhelming scent? How do the salespeople act? Is...
gift, last minute gift

The best last minute gift you can give is music

Everyone has experienced at least one side of the last minute gift. It stinks being on both sides. Your best friend got you a candle or a...

Allow NOUS to introduce you to the creative and collaborative unknown

If communal musical relationships aimed at collectively producing and creating new art sounds up your alley, then trust us, this act is for you. NOUS is an...
discounted student plan

YouTube Music launches discounted student plan

Final exams for this semester are well on their way, and for many students, their biggest study aid is music. Music seems to help boost productivity and...

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