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Keep up with all our concert tips, tricks, advice, observations, and sometimes, etiquette. There's also music industry insider information, local guides, general music culture, histories of music, and musings on the trends in music festivals, concerts, music venues, and more.

attending music festivals

The psychology behind attending music festivals

It's time to finally understand why your friend from college can't seem to resist jet-setting off to every festival ever. While you might have an inkling, or...

Could your playlist put you on a watchlist in the future?

It might seem like clickbait, or remind you of the movie Minority Report, but the idea that your favorite playlist could signal certain behavioral abnormalities to authorities...
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash | boost productivity

Can listening to music at work help boost productivity?

There's a lot of philosophy and research about how offices are losing walls and if that's better or worse for productivity. But what isn't in dispute is...
music to listen to

9 reasons why humans need live music to listen to

There are a plethora of reasons why humans can be found going to see live music around the world. I'm going to skip the biggest reason why...
Amadeus Code

Where does technology end and music begin? A look at modern music.

With every advancement in technology, there's always some sort of debate on its validity. Not every invention is "the best thing since sliced bread." Within music, this...
music genres

It’s time to rethink what music genres you skip

We've all said "I love all music genres... except X and X" at one point. But to reap all the benefits that music can offer, you might...
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash | back to school essentials

5 back to school essentials for any broke college student

Back to school time can be exciting for some, but for many students, it's more likely a day you're dreading. The freedom of summer is over and...
see live music

7 excuses to go see live music tonight

You shouldn't need an excuse to go see live music, but in case you do these seven excuses are almost impossible to argue with, so use them...
How to pick the best concert seats

How to pick the best concert seats

Deciding to go to a concert is the easy part. It's picking the best concert seats that, for many, is ridiculously difficult. How do you know what...
live music industry

A guide to understanding the many roles in the live music industry

Do you know who is responsible for the killer concerts you love? Have you ever wondered how exactly artists get booked for specific venues at specific times?...

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