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Ghost Ship against DIY venues

The case against DIY venues: Protecting the interests of the community

"Do-It-Yourself" venues are increasingly under scrutiny due to recent high profile incidents and closings at DIY venues. Here we lay out a case for and against the...
Dynasty Podcasts

This is why you should be supporting Dynasty Podcasts

I'm hesitant to do so because I love his music and I worry in light of his recent Grammys he is in danger of becoming overexposed, but...
Internet radio

Internet radio fights back against recommendation algorithms

Last week, we published an article about how algorithms change the way you discover music and perpetuate large labels and corporations as the decision makers on what music...
Popularity in music

Why You Like the Music You Like

Popularity in music is a science. But it doesn't seems so from conversations like this: "I feel like I've heard this song before." "Is this a remake?" "This sounds so...
Aminé Portland music videos

Now featuring… Portland! The city gets the spotlight in local rappers’ music videos

Musicians, and rappers in particular, are often tied very much to place. Their hometown is the thread that runs through their music, their artistry, and their identity. That sense...
Crowd sizes outdoors

So how are crowd sizes measured anyways? A completely unprompted analysis

It's actually more complicated than you think. For most events, music or otherwise, measuring the crowd size is an important metric. In ticketed events, it's a relatively simple process...
vinyl records

Vinyl: Fad, Future, or a Little Bit of Both?

The evolution of audio has, without a doubt, seen a lot of change these past few decades. Vinyl records, 8 track, cassette, CD, MP3, streaming – with...

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