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Keep up with all our concert tips, tricks, advice, observations, and sometimes, etiquette. There's also music industry insider information, local guides, general music culture, histories of music, and musings on the trends in music festivals, concerts, music venues, and more.

Tacos on White Oak Drive

Where you should actually eat along White Oak Drive

There are very few terms out there that are more devoid of meaning than "American restaurant." What does that even mean anymore? That's not to say that...
Revitalizing Toronto's music scene

Revitalizing Toronto’s music scene in 3 steps

On March 1st, 2017 NOW Toronto reported that seven music venues had already closed since the beginning of the year. So the question on many Toronto music...
Beyoncé Scale

Putting Houston music on the Beyoncé Scale

Houston is known for a lot of things. Some of their most well-known exports are energy (it's an energy town after all) and science (of "Houston, we...
SunTrust Park

SunTrust Park: Is there actually nothing around there?

Congrats to the Atlanta Braves for moving into their beautiful new baseball palace. Next Friday, the Braves are all set to debut their new park and from all...
best late night restaurants

6 Miami Beach restaurants open late to feed your post-show cravings

If you're a human being, then you're probably starving after going to a show in Miami Beach, but look: don't settle for drive-thru from the back of your Uber Lyft....
song length on 45 rpm

Why are songs usually the same length?

The answer may seem obvious. Songs, especially songs destined for radio, typically fall in the "3-ish minute" range. That's because back in the days of vinyl records...

8 best headphones out there for the true audiophile

Want to know the next best thing to live music? Come with me on an adventure into audiophile-ville. Unfortunately, there are a lot of moments when you can’t...
parking hacks the troubadour

Los Angeles music venue parking hacks

If you live in Los Angeles, you probably hate parking (and if you’re new, congratulations! It’s only a matter of time). It’s at least a piece of...
day drinking

9 tips for day drinking anytime and anywhere

Mardi Gras is coming up. It's always a great time, filled with jazz and festivities. Whether you’re visiting New Orleans, or celebrating in your own city though,...
magician or dj

Magician or DJ? Help us identify these headshots

You know the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words'? Well, we agree. So we'll let the photos do most of the talking. It's pretty simple:...

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