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Electronic Artists Twitter

Here’s a list of electronic artists you need to be following on Twitter

Before finstas, there was Twitter. Ah, Twitter. It's a weird place to visit—there's self-deprecating humor, there are social revolutions, there are puppies. For Twitter users, it's the place...
why do people like metal

5 reasons fans of electronic love metal too (even if they don’t know it)

Fellow fans of electronic: I know what you're saying, most likely something like, "you don't know me..." or "actually, no I don't..." But hear me out. First off,...
Seattle music history, coffee shops and folk music the newish Anodyne Coffee location in Walker's Point, which has been hosting live shows. Below are the two best pics I took when I was there. The performer is Derek Luttrell from Rockford. These photos are taken from a show there August 6.

How coffee fueled the rise and fall of Seattle’s first music movement

There's a little bit of Seattle on the corner of almost every city around the world. I am, of course, referring to Starbucks, the now ubiquitous coffee...
music while you work

Surgeons are great at saving lives, not so great at picking out music

Do you listen to music while you work? If you're like most people, you probably do (if you're allowed... and sometimes even if you're not). That statement applies...
mere exposure effect

Hate that song? No you don’t. Just listen to it 20 more times!

When a song you love comes on the radio and you recognize it, it's time to jam out! You love this song. It's a great song. And...
what to wear Electric Zoo what to wear to ezoo

What to wear and what to bring to Electric Zoo

We've tried to prep you on what to wear and what to bring for a lot of festivals, such as Middlelands and Miami Music Week. It's hard...
something for your night out

7 reasons you deserve a night out

Hello, I feel like you and I should have a quick talk. You look tired. Not to mean bad, just tired. You should take the night off...
Twin Peaks

Music of Twin Peaks: 3 bands from the show you need to hear

Musicians, Artists, Art, Lynch and Frost An artist makes art. Music is art. Twin Peaks co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost are not just filmmakers — they're artists. Music...
Neil Young Crazy Horse

The 6 past shows I would pay a fortune to have been at

If I Could Time Travel I imagine that one thing music lovers think about the most is going back in time. Going back to when their favorite bands...
best music festivals

Which city is the best for music festivals?

The music festival industry is booming. According to Nielsen Music, 32 million Americans attended at least one music festival in 2014. It's only grown since then. With...

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